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Pen Your Pride

Goodnight & Goodbye

That voice was like daggers to my ears. I looked up and saw the hooded figure that had been walking through the halls. My eyes went to their hand and I saw my beautiful Raven in their grasp. Then off to the left to saw the wheelchair and a body wrapped in sheets, sitting in it.

"Miss me baby?" Jade asked as the door opened and I turned around to see Andrew standing there; his ax back in his hand. This was what they meant by a rock and a hard place, I was sure. Andrew looked back at Jade and then to her hand at Raven.

"Give me Raven now." I said and Jade tossed me Raven. Back in the my hands where he belonged I took in the simple joy of feeling Raven in my hands again. Then I turned my attention back to the task at hand. I would deal with Jade later. Right now was Andrew's turn to die.

"Just give it up Skylar." Andrew said and I frowned.

"And why would I ever do that?" I asked confused on what reason I could have to toss in the towel right now. There was none that I could think of. I had the upper hand right now.

"You aren't making it out of this room alive." He said and I smiled.

"Is that right?" I asked. "There just one thing I want to know before I kill you." I said pointing Raven at him threateningly. "I never got a chance to learn what your true name was."

"Sapphire Arenest." He said and I turned around to look at Jade and she smiled.

"Meet my big brother baby." She said and my frown deepen.

"I thought Alyssa killed your brother." I said and she nodded.

"She did kill my other brother. Sapphire is the eldest of us. Thanks a bunch bro." She said and he was still looking at me, still holding his ax in his hand dangerously. The look in his eyes reminded me of one a hunter gives his prey, but I wasn't prey.

"We can go home after I finish him off." He said and Jade shook her head.

"No way he's mine." Jade said. "You promised that you wouldn't touch him."

"He tried to cook me!" Sapphire yelled and I laughed to myself at that statement. I should have known that he would have been some sick freak like Jade's brother. He showed no mercy in that game. He killed Rice and then Ross. I should have guessed that he was a seasoned pro at this.

"So what he's mine." Jade whined and he sucked his teeth at her. Not backing down but not coming for me either.

"Allow me to make this easier on the both of you." I said taking two rushed steps forward ignoring the pain in my leg from doing so. I cocked Raven back and then swung him. I watched as Sapphire prepared himself for my blow. He even held up his ax as if that little thing was any match for my baby, for my Raven. I swung and felt Raven connect with his midsection; felt the resistance of his body as I brought Raven through. He stood there without a look of pain or anger or anything that you would have thought one would have on their face. He was looking at Jade and he was smiling the most twisted smile I have ever seen in my life.

I looked down towards Raven's blade and saw that it was painted crimson with Sapphire's blood. It dripped to the floor and when I looked back up at Raven's latest victim. He was still standing there unmoving.

"Sapphire." Jade whispered her brother's name as his top half slid away from his bottom; falling backwards onto the floor. His legs fell to their knees and then the rest of the way down. It pooled blood at my feet and I smiled at my kill. Andrew or Sapphire or whoever he wanted to be, lost. In the end they all lose to me. I started to turn around so that I could deal with the last pest that had been haunting me. Jade was supposed to have died weeks ago. Her showing back up here was just allowing me to finish what I had started. As I turned I felt something hard and heavy smash into the side of my head. I didn't have time to react to it my vision went black in an instant and I was gone.

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