Chapter One Hundred Fifty Eight

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Roscoe let out an angry huff as he sat in the center of the field alone. With Anora and Charlie gone from the sanctuary for however much longer, the dragon was growing restless. Of course, he could always fly to different areas of the sanctuary, but it wasn't the same without his white-haired handler. He missed the feisty human greatly and while he didn't miss him as much, he missed Charlie a great deal as well. Without the two handlers, Magnus and the other workers only managed to piss off the majority of the dragons. There were a few that didn't listen to Magnus' ways and remained in the good graces of the dragons, but Roscoe was full on ready to bite Magnus in the arse if the deranged lunatic approached him again with a flower.

Other circumstances around the sanctuary weren't helping Roscoe's mood either. With Norberta of age to start breeding, the young female was showing no interest in any male, but plenty of males were showing interest in her. Due to her size, while she was fierce, she wasn't able to fight off many of the males that approached her, which is where Roscoe normally came in saving the day. He figured it would impress the lady dragon a bit and work his way for her to be nicer to him. But instead whenever he came to her aid, she was fully prepared to try and rip his face off.

It left Roscoe confused and angry, so he kept to himself hoping Anora and Charlie would soon be back.

To busy himself he decided to take a nap in the sun that afternoon, but the forces of nature were working against him as the clouds took to the sky and covered the sun. It was the final straw in Roscoe's mind.

The dragon was all fired up.

"That's not a good sign I take it." Sebastian was sitting outside his home with Magnus when they saw a strong line of fire shoot into the air.

"I can safely assume that one of the dragons is not having a very good day." Magnus said before standing up and grabbing his wand.  'Let's go see who's making a fuss."

"Uh can't I just sit here?" Sebastian asked but Magnus was already gone. "Of course not..."

With a heavy sigh, Sebastian grabbed his wand and prepared to apparate. "I can never have a quiet Sunday."

Arriving on scene, dragon handlers were sprawled out where Roscoe seemed to be on a complete rampage, striking his head and body into trees.

"That..that's Roscoe!" Sebastian pointed out. "What the bloody hell is he doing? He's never acted like that before!"

"We all have our bad days, Sebastian." Magnus said. "This is just one of his."

The handlers attempted to stun the dragon to at least get Roscoe to calm down but it only made the dragon angrier as he lashed back at them using his monstrous tail to launch several of them back.

Norberta was trying to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, lying over a boulder when she heard Roscoe's loud call in the distance. She lifted her head, the dragon's call was not playful by any means it was threatening.

It was rare to hear Roscoe enter a threatening mode, and Norberta wondered if another dragon had tried to fight him over something such as food. She knew too well that Roscoe wasn't big on sharing his food.

Picking herself up off the rock, she launched herself into the air and followed the calls of distress, before landing in the scene where Roscoe was finally taken down. Bounded by ropes all over his body, his mouth closed over, his only sense of defense left was blowing smoke at the workers.

Norberta instantly felt uncomfortable seeing the large dragon subdued, especially since she didn't know what had caused him to lose him temper. There were no other dragons in the vicinity, but Roscoe had dealt plenty of the damage to area around him judging  by the state of the broken trees around them.

She walked over to his side, some of the workers raised their wands at her, but she quickly growled at them, until Magnus called them off.

Lowering her head to Roscoe's side, the dragon bared his teeth at her before turning his head away from her as much as he could.

Not wanting him to get into further trouble with the handlers, she settled herself down by Roscoe and nuzzled her head into him. He tried to brush her off but with the help of the ropes, she kept her head over his until he settled down.

His heavy breathing subsided as he began to calm down, his entire body relaxing finally as Magnus ordered everyone to back away and give the dragons some room. He called for them to release the ropes, and once Roscoe was free, he remained still under Norberta's touch.

Magnus grinned.

"I sense hatchlings coming soon!"

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