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Okay guys, it hasn't been edited or anything but I wanted to post it for you all. There will be lots more Liam POV chapters coming up if people like this. Also, the next part of The Cheerleader and The Cage fighter will be up soon too.

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Walking through the school library I headed towards the section that the psychology and books about mental illness were. I'm far from being a nerd but for my own personal reasons I love reading books about this kind of stuff. I have a brother that is a Paranoid Schizophrenic and I feel like I owe it to him to try and understand his condition as much as I can. My parents clearly don't care,so I want him to know that I always will.

Glancing around the room my eyes fell on a certain Blondie.

Kaydie Smithson.

There's one of her at every school. Blonde, hot as hell, head cheerleader, filthy rich parents. Though surprisingly she's actually smart too. Basically, Little Miss Perfect.

I'd managed to go through high school without our paths crossing much. Until recently.

She'd started bringing her little brother to the gym that I train and work at. I was shocked at first that she'd even step foot in the gym. One of the main reasons that I love my gym is that it isn't too fancy and modern; it's built just to fit it's purpose with none of the flashness of the expensive gyms in our area.

She was sat with Brian Sykes, one of the schools resident jerks. It was vomit inducing the way that he followed Kaydie round like a sick puppy. One good thing that I could actually say about Kaydie was that she didn't seem interested in him at all. Shock horror, the school wasn't going to have the generic head cheerleader/ football captain romance. I smirked when I saw just how uncomfortable she looked while he was talking to her.

I felt like it was my duty to go over and increase the awkwardness of the situation for Barbie. Recently I enjoyed winding her up, her reactions were so funny. I had to give it to her she's sassy, and more quick witted than I'd have ever expected. She always seemed like she was a bit of a pushover with the people around her, but she definitely stood her ground with me.

"Yes?" she asked blankly, when I approached the table.

There was no pretense that she was happy to see me and I kind of liked that. There was no fakeness. It was obvious to me that she'd not been wanting to speak to Brian, yet she'd plastered on a smile while she spoke to him. In a weird way, I enjoyed the honesty of the way she'd greeted me.

"Ray asked me to tell you to tell your dad that he's got some of the kids boxing gloves in stock at the moment if he wants to buy some for Max" I told her.

I could have just told her and Max that at the gym but I needed an excuse as to why I'd gone over. I don't think my real reason would have gone down well.

"Okay, thanks" she answered simply.

Brian looked shocked and was staring at me in anticipation of my reaction.

He wasn't familiar with Fiery Barbie, that much was obvious. Maybe I should feel touched that she only appears when I'm around. Good to know that I get under her skin.

I almost wanted her to start firing insults at me but she stayed silent.

"Well, see you later then" I smirked, knowing that it would annoy her.

Brian still looked completely clueless.

"Bye Ken" I nodded at him before walking away.

I shook my head as I could hear him muttering that it wasn't his name. I knew that Fiery Barbie would understand what I was saying.

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