Hello basics:)

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Hi I'm Valerie, and I have been in this fandom for 2 years and it saddens me how the writing material has gone down the drain. After reading possibly every fanfic on here that's "popular" I realized that some people need to be put in their place, because I have gotten diseases from reading some of your work. This isn't meant to call out people specifically, it's to help enhance the the outsiders with better ideas because I want to read a good fanfiction and I HAVENT READ A GOOD FANFIC IN TWO FUCKING YEARS. 

And also, no I can't write. But I also don't have 80k reads for a reason, yet I wonder why some flubs on here do when they legit ARE THE MOST UNORIGINAL PLOTS IN AMERICA.

Ok, that was a little mean. Your work doesn't give me diseases, but I just need to share some feelings here about wattpad in general.

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