They never know (SEKAI)

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*WARNING including other idols, angst kind of *

"Faster...", Sehun  mumbles in between short breaths, his voice raspy and demanding, groaning breathlessly as he fiddles with his shirt which still needs to get buttoned up. A quick glance towards his left to the clock and another round of fastening heart beatings overwhelm him. It's not like it's his first time to feel this way,  adrenaline rushing through his veins on the possibility of getting caught,  he's been living like this for the past months already and yet his body still can't get enough from the sweetness. The sweetness of a certain someone who burries his long slender fingers in his silverish hair ever so carelessly as if the time would stop whenever the two of them were together.
"Another appointment you have, I'm assuming?", a dark tone chuckles, finding the sight of the hectic CEO way too amusing. The melody of his voice runs through Sehun's mind almost everyday to leave him wasted with goosebumps as he remembers how it sounds like when he mutters pleasing words closely into his ear... panting full of need.
Every single touch of the man had him driven crazy the first moment his delicate fingers were roaming all over his back,  had him longing for more and more  not willing to let him sleep without another bottomless kiss.

"Kai,  you should go", Sehun sighs before he finally aims his gaze at those addicting eyes. He bets his next client is already waiting but how is he supposed to move when Kai is taking his steps towards him?
"And you should be able to button your shirt correctly, Sir", that all too common smirk never leaves the other's lips as he tenderly takes the opportunity himself. Kai loves teasing  Sehun, mocking Sehun,  grazing his collarbones and chest on purpose and fixing his clothes without even thinking about pulling away from the strong eye contact they exchange.
Sehun takes those mellow hands in his own before he presses a firm kiss on his edged jaw as he hushes: "I am thankful you came here. I'll see you around"
"When exactly?", Kai cocks an eyebrow and folds his arms sternly after he has released his hands from the tallers grip. Sehun swallows hard as he turns around to tidy up his work sheets rather than staring into those intense eyes. "I am not sure...", the CEO's words almost come out as a whisper.
"It'd be better for us if we wouldn't hook up this week since Jisoo will be visiting me these days"
Kai clenches his teeth unknowingly for the moment that name rolls off his lovers lips, still he manages to stay silent just like he is used to. "Would that be better for us or better for you? ",he wonders out loud however he knows that he won't receive an answer. After Sehuns assistant announces another meeting for him to attend,  Kai wastes no time to walk off his office. But never  without caressing the other's hand while passing by.

-    -    -    -    -    -     -
In truth, it's nothing Kai should be caring for since he knew about Sehuns relationship with Jisoo from the beginning but... there's one night that will remain in his memory forever. The night Kai met Sehun for the first time on the train.
Obviously, Sehun was eyecatching with his tall figure,  broad shoulders leaning onto him, because there was barely space by the passengers entering. Leaving many stations behind, one by one, he seemed to press further against his warm body without in need of a word. But his narrowed, violent  eyes, that were locked with his own, spoke enough to feel satisfied.

Days passed after that incident and every friday night,  he'd see the mysterious man again who kept standing in front of him whether the train was full or empty. Kai started to lose patience so he got off the train on the same stop as the tempting stranger until the said one greeted him with his hoarse voice :"I thought you'd never come".

Since then they couldn't get enough from eachother,  no wonder why Kai fell for him hard  but he didn't know life could make him fall even harder .
"I have a girlfriend", Sehun spoke to him one day,  taking his hand in his own just like earlier in his office.
Kai had pressed his lips into a straight line, trying not to show how much those simple words affected his heart. It's over now , he thought. But Sehun had other plans.
"I don't want to let you go like this...
but I can't let Jisoo know. I am all she has. Listen to me carefully now." - Sehuns big hands traveled up to meet his soft hair, causing Kai to automatically lean in. It felt so natrual as if his own will was being owned by someone... and that someone just happend to be a total fuckboy to die for .
"I like you. I really do. I would like to call you as my lover and spend nights like this with you that last longer than our usual fridays. I want you to feel me wherever you go and remember that I am here for you. Waiting  with open arms to embrace you.
Even if I am still in a relationship with Jisoo. I won't force you, you've got the choice to get away from me and I won't be a bother to you... but if you accept her...I'll do my best to please you as a boyfriend. "

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