Journey of Sperm Cell and Egg Cell

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        One starry night, while the follicle is continuously producing egg cell, an egg cell who has a divine beauty is produced, named Annabeth. She was exiled from the Empire of Vagina to the bridge of Fallopian tube because she is the only regent of the former king named Lance and not the wicked queen named Casiopea. Casiopea act kindly to the egg cells to make them believe that she is the rightful regent of King Lance, but what she didn't know is that Annabeth had the king's letter and ring which will serve as an evidence that she should be the queen of the Empire of Vagina. For now, Annabeth doesn't have the power to fight for her right because the queen manipulated the mind of the egg cells in their empire.

            On the other hand, another empire flourished in the south, it was the Empire of Penis where the sperm cells lived. There was a sperm cell named Percy who was endlessly searching for the treasure his father told him. He was guided by an old map taken inside the seminiferous tubules. He had the permission of their king to go to the urethra from the temporary storage so-called epididymis through vas deferens. Until now, he was still continuing his odyssey. Percy should pass three seminal glands namely prostate gland, seminal vesicle, and bulbourethral gland and swim vigorously in their secretion. The map locates the treasure in the uterus. In order to go to the uterus, he should ask the messenger who knew the sacred prophecy between the two empires. The messenger said that the only way to fulfill the prophecy and to find the hidden treasure is to have an alliance between the Empire of Vagina. The alliance happened. The penis enters the vagina, while it is coming close to the cervix, its urethra ejects semen. Millions of sperm cells are deposited into the vagina. While the vagina secretes fluids, Percy swims towards the cervix and enters the bridge of Fallopian tube where Annabeth was exiled. Percy fell in love with Annabeth's divine beauty, and so Annabeth with Percy's charisma. They decided to unite as one. The digestive enzymes secreted by the Percy's acrosome softens Annabeth's membrane until they unite to form a zygote. The zygote moves towards the uterus through the fallopian tube, it now turns into an embryo. The enzymes help it to be implanted in the endometrium. This marks the beginning of pregnancy. This don't just mark the beginning of pregnancy but it led to the long awaited fulfillment of the prophecy and mission of Percy. Indeed, the treasure he find is not just a simple one but a treasure that will stay forever, the love that form a gift into our world.


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