It was as if fate were lending a hand at the same time, because the music changed. No longer the loud thud, thud, thud of the usual club music, the DJ worked his magic to allow a slower, raunchier sound to fill the room. It was perfect for the moment. I couldn't have planned it better if I'd tried. 

We moved in perfect unison, with my body fitting perfectly with his. A good mover, he was certainly not afraid to move his hips in time with the sexy rhythm. 

It was my idea of heaven. I looked deep into his eyes and imagined that I'd finally found him. As we stood there, gently swaying, our eyes fixed on each other's, he slowly moved in closer until his lips touched mine. A mild electric shock jolted me and I pulled back momentarily before leaning in for more. It was the most intense kiss of my life.  

We were brought back to the present by sounds of our friends screeching in shock behind us. I could just about hear his friends saying things like 'Go for it, my man'. 'Nice one, mate' and strangely, 'This is your last chance'.  

We started laughing but the lust was too strong for us to control, our lips found each other's again and we kissed like I'd never been kissed before. I opened my eyes and he whispered in my ear. 

'Shall we get out of here?'  

I nodded then quickly waltzed over to where my friends were sitting. 

'Look, we're going back to the hotel - Jo, can you crash in Liz and Anna's room?' I asked as I picked up my full length black coat and handbag. 

They were pretty shocked but nodded as they looked him up and down enviously. 

I smiled gratefully and rushed to the door, where he was waiting after he'd had a quick word with his friends, who also looked a little shocked at the turn of events. Just as I was about to leave, Jo came running over, 'Kate! Kate!' I turned and she shoved something into my hand.  

'Be careful', she winked, 'These are from Liz'. 

When I got outside, I looked in my hand. Condoms. I laughed and discreetly popped them into my handbag. It was then that I noticed it had been snowing. It was freezing but I didn't care, I barely even felt it because of the chemistry between us. But the way the snow was falling, and leaving a soft white blanket on top of the city, was beautiful. The snow never failed to have that effect on me. I guess it was because I was born in the winter season. 

We were lucky to get a cab really quickly and I reckon we embarrassed the hell out of the poor taxi driver because we couldn't take our hands off each other.  

Unfortunately though, as we pulled up outside the hotel, it didn't take long for things to go a bit awry. He suddenly pulled away from me and just held me with an odd look on his face. I couldn't quite figure out what the expression meant. 

'Is there something wrong?' I breathed. 

'I... I don't even know your name,' he smiled. 

'If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine,' I smiled thinking how wonderful it would be if he were called Fred. 

He grinned cheekily, 'I'm Marc, with a 'C'. It's a pleasure to meet you,' he laughed. 

I felt like I was going to explode into a million pieces just by listening to his voice. 

Breathing deeply, I said with a smile, 'The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.' 

The taxi driver drummed his fingers on the dashboard, reminding us where we were, and Marc smiled, before he looked into my eyes, waiting to hear my name. His eyebrows raised inquisitively. 

I would have liked to have told him some totally exotic name like Anastasia, Valentina or Scheherazade but, as I was hoping to see this guy again, I figured telling porkies on the first date was a bit of a no-no, so I said, 'It's Kate. My name's Kate'. 

And that's when it happened. The second I mentioned my name - he bolted upright in complete and utter shock. 

His mouth fell open and that strange expression appeared on his face again. 

He immediately opened the car door, got out and gently pulled me out after him. He looked so unhappy that I felt like I'd done something wrong. 

I just stood motionless as he banged his fists on the top of the taxi and cursed under his breath. 

'Hey!' yelled the driver. 

'Jesus. Your name's Kate? What am I doing? What have I done?' 

I just looked at him, closed my mouth and shrugged my shoulders. They felt heavy. 

Confused and shocked, I began to tremble uncontrollably. 

'Marc? What's wrong?' I managed to mutter. 

He turned and looked so deep into my eyes that I thought I was going to swallow him up. I could have melted. 

'I'm so sorry, Kate. This shouldn't have happened. I don't do things like this, and I'm sure you normally don't either. Please forgive me,' then he leaned forward and kissed me. It wasn't like the hot frantic kisses of before. It was different. It was like no other kiss I'd ever had. It was soft, gentle and... strangely loving. 

When I eventually opened my eyes, he'd gotten back into the taxi and was zooming off into the distance. I put my finger to my lips and watched as the tail lights disappeared. I'd lost all my strength. I was in a daze. That kiss. That amazing kiss.

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