Training Camp

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Your POV

I'm in training camp with the England ladies in Spain. The Euro's just started, tomorrow England plays Russia. I'm looking forward to it. We had training in the gym today so it was going to be intense. I was doing some lifting with Steph beside me. "So do you think we be ready against the USA?" I look at Steph. "With all the preparation we been doing this past week I think we are but with their team, we need to work more as a team" I nod. " I think we have to push our limits against them.</p>

After our gym training, we all had to go to the pool for an hour and chill while doing that Leah swam over to me. "Hey Y/N" "Hey Leah, What's up?" "Noting just thought I keep you company as you were on your own." Leah smiles. "Aw thanks, how are you keeping with the training?" I asked her. "I think it's going well, I did struggle at the start but now I'm acing it" "That's the job" I high five her. "Want to have a movie night? I could invite some of the girls?" I nod. She claps her hands together. "Great I start searching movie night buddies"
Meanwhile in LA

Lauren POV
I purchased tickets to see the USA against England in a weeks time. I'm so excited, I have been watching the USA wnt. Videos all the time. Most of the girls were still sleeping, it's only nine in the morning. I got out of bed bunk and changed into black running gear. I started to run as I may need to run away from fans, I truly love them but they can get up in personal space very quickly and are very fast to catch up with us.
I jump off the bus to be greeted by Big Rob. "Morning Lauren." he smiles I hug him "morning! I'm off for my run I'm not going far, I am running to the lake back." "okay kiddo" "don't call me that!" he laughs walking on the bus. I started to stretch before doing anything. After that, I started to lightly jog and after ten minutes I started to run. I was listening to some 1975 song 'the sound' I started to run to the beat of the song. I reach the lake within twenty minutes stopping stopwatch on my phone. I then decide to walk back as I don't want to pull anything in my legs as I did that at the start, I was managing to jog wrong and kept pulling a calf muscle. When I finally get back to busy, in greeted by a smell of pancakes been cooked by Ally. "hey sunshine" Ally looks up smiling. "Hey sporty" I smile walking up to the sink pulling and glass and filling it with water. "How long you been up?" I asked her. "Only twenty minutes ago," Ally says. "Cool, I just have a quick shower and I join you for breakfast."
*After the shower*
I join Ally for breakfast, a sleepy Camila comes in when's she sees the pancakes her face lights up. I chuckle. "Morning Mila, " I say. "Hi!" she says when she slid into the seat. She begins to stuff her face! I laugh while sipping my coffee. "So what are we doing today?" I ask Ally. "Interviews all day for the album" "Fun," I say sarcastically. She smirks. I pull out my phone to check twitter. England Football Official Twitter page share a collage of the England Ladies training. I then decide to go onto Y/N twitter since I read through her tweets there was one

"Pretty pumped to play against the USA with the squad! Get ready for a great game! " I favorite it and quote it saying " Prepare for war! The USA going to win! ;)"

Your POV

We all finished the pool side, I went to my hotel room to get changed as we were all going out for dinner with the team and staff as it was our last day of training. I got changed into the outfit below and I checked my phone to see my twitter blowing up. I don't usually get so many twitter notifications.

I see Lauren Jauregui tweeted me, I smirked what she said

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I see Lauren Jauregui tweeted me, I smirked what she said. I replied saying " Cheeky, may the best team win. Fair and Square!" I tweet it back and close my phone to go down to the lobby to wait for everyone else. I see Alex was already there so I sat down beside her. "Sup A," I say smiling! " Hey kiddo" she side hugs me. " Ugh you know I hate that nickname, why does everyone call me that?" I say groaning. "It's because you were the baby in our team before the rest of the children came, " she says. "Wow if you said that in front of the rest of them they will kill you!" " I know so that's why I'm saying it to you. I love them but they can still be childish." I nod. "Oka, so I have a question for you Alex." I turn to her. "Okay?" she looks at me. "So I got this tweet from Lauren Jauregui who's in a girl band I follow saying the USA will whoop our asses right?" I explain. " Okay yeah right" "So anyway I reply back. I also checked she follows me on twitter as well. Do you think she is a fan?" I ask her. "Hm maybe." "Your some help, " I say to her. "I don't know Y/N I'm not Lauren. Maybe she is. Why don't you DM her and ask her." " Right now?" I ask her. " Right now kiddo" "Fine" I pull out my phone. I go Lauren's twitter and DM her.

Me: Hi Lauren, Just wanted to say thank you fo the tweet. LOL anyway just wondering you beat the game?

" I sent it." I looked up at Alex. "Good now it's the waiting game" I groan and Alex just laughs. Finally, the rest of squad came down. We all walked to the restaurant which was only ten minutes away. After arriving at the restaurant we get to a large table and begin to order our food. During the meal, I feel my phone vibrate. I check to see Lauren has replied to my DM.

Lauren: Hey there! ;) ha no problem! And yes I and the girls are going to be at the game supporting our goals against your team! You will need the luck to beat them.

Damn she really think's they are going to win it. I nudge Alex who was sitting beside me and showed it to her. She reads it and her eyebrow raised. "Hm maybe she is a fan but denying it, also she seems to be flirting." I look at her and look back down to the dm " Wait she's flirting with me?" I look back at her. "OMG Y/N your don't get flirting do you?" " Eh no hello I have never been with someone!" " Aw boo, you will find someone" She gives you and hug. Leah looks at you both. " Having a moment are ye?" Leah says. I just laugh. After dinner, we head back to the hotel room and Leah, me, Alex, and some of the rest of the girls have a movie night in my hotel room! We start to watch Pitch Perfect.

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