"I know why I'm intrigued, You keep surprisin' me, Somewhere between the lines, There's no way to define, Every move you make, Always never the same." George Strait, Always Never the Same.


"Black or red?"

"Red, it looks good on you brings our your eyes." 

"Okay then you can wear the black, sound good?" Jessa said throwing a black long sleeve dress at me. Jessa had decided that we needed to spend my day off going to a club and getting totally wasted, and to my surprise it did not sound half bad. 

"Black is perfect, it 's like my soul, dark." I said standing up and shooting her a amused grin, laughing at my own joke. 

"God, what the hell is wrong with you?" She said laughing along too.

"A lot of things," I yelled walking into her bathroom to get changed. 

I slid into the dress and then looked at myself in the mirror, I liked it. The tight fabric hung to my hips showing off my curves and the deep cut, v-neck make my breast look larger than they actually were. I didn't mind my body, sure I wasn't a full on stick like Kendall Jenner, but I exercise and eat pretty good, so as long as I was healthy, I was fine. 

"Holy shit, you look hot." Jessa said as I walked out of the bathroom.

"Tell me something I don't know," I said flipping my hair sarcastically. 

"I invited Tony," She said whispering the last part.

"What the fuck! Jessa why would you do that!?" 

"Because he's a sweet guy and he really likes you, I just want you to have someone who can make you happy." 

"Well news flash, I am happy! You know I do not like Tony, he's not my type at all!" Tony Peters. He had, had a crush on me since 8th grade and sure he was a sweet guy, but too sweet. He like to do all those cheesy cliche things, like go on walks in the park, or send me flowers which is very kind and I am thankful but I wasn't into that kind of stuff. 

"Then who is your type!? That guy from the movies, Harry!?" She yelled back at me. 

"No, I just, I-I don't know. But defiantly not Tony." I said taken back by her words, I didn't have a crush on Harry, I just wanted to know more about him, that doesn't mean I want to be in a relationship, I'm just a curious person. Right?

"Look, I'm sorry okay, I'm just worried about you, ever since Theo passed you've just been, dull." Jessa said sitting down next to me on the bed. 

"Stop, he has nothing to this. I just do not like Tony." This is a time when I really miss Theo, he would know exactly how to cheer me up. 

"Okay, but please be nice to Tony tonight," 


| | |

"You look really good tonight," Tony whispered my ear as we made our way to our table pushing past drunken people who were grinding on each other. I chose not to reply because I was totally grossed out and felt uncomfortable. He smelt like cabbage and kept grabbing my hips, and pulling me towards his little friend, and when I say little,  I mean like tic-tac size little. 

"I'm going to go get a drink, Tony want to come with me?" Jessa questioned knowing I would kill her if she left me here with him. 

"No I'm okay I'll stay here with Adley, but here take this money and buy us all drinks." 

"Okay, I'll be right back." She said looking at me and giving me a helpless smile and mouthing 'sorry' over her shoulder as she walked away. 

"So, I was thinking after this you could come to my place?" Tony questioned getting a little too hand-sy. 

"No thanks, I think I'm staying the night at Jessa's." 

"Oh I don't think Jessa would mine," He whispered in my ear trying to be seductive but I was mentally gagging at the smell of his breath. 

"Oh, well I do," I said in a snotty tone to make him get the hint that I was not interested. 

"Why are you so closed off, so what your boyfriend died. Now let me make you feel good." 

"Fuck off, and trust me, I've seen that thing you call a dick and it's nothing to be proud of." I growled. Who the fuck brings up and ex, especially if they are dead. 

"Feisty little thing you are," 

"Get off of me," I could barely let out another sentence before he placed his grubby lips on mine. 

"She said get off you prick." A strong British accent said from behind me. 

"And who might you be?" Tony said crossing his arms over his chest.

"Her boyfriend." 

"What? When did you get a boyfriend?" Tony asked looking pissed off. 

"That's right, Liam and me have been dating for almost a month now," I said walking into Liam's embrace.

"Yes, so if you don't mind I'd like if you would leave her the fuck alone, c'mon babe." We walked off leaving Tony looking completely confused. 

"Thanks for that," I said smiling at Liam.

"No problem hun, and about that date I asked you about at the movies, want to take me up on that?" 

"Hmm, I'd think I would like that," I thought, might as well. Liam is a sweet guy and he has been nothing but nice, so why not? 

"Awesome, I'll text you the details tomorrow morning." 

"Liam's back! And he brought a pretty girl!" A short brown haired boy yelled as I entered the area where Liam and all of his friends were sitting. 

"Guys, this is Adley." Liam introduced me.

"Hey," I greeted. I scanned the group seeing if I could recognize anyone. I went around the circle looking at everyone once I got to then end I noticed someone that I did know. Harry. 

"Oh hi Grumpy," I said while Liam handed me a drink. 

"Adley." Harry greeted with a small nod. 

"I see your still just giving me one word answers,"

"And I see your still talking non-stop," He shot back.

"Hey, I'm going to use the restroom, I'll be back." Liam said leaving with a wink. 

"So are you two fucking now?" Harry asked after Liam was out of earshot. 

"What, no! We literally just met," I stated.

"Ah, your one of those girls," Harry mused.

"What's that supposes to mean?" I question.

"You like to get to know each other, go on cute little dates, kiss every now and then and then once you become more serious, you fuck."Harry said in a mocking tone. 

"No, I actually hate 'cute little dates' I'm just not a slut and I don't throw myself onto guys," I challenged.

"Oh I see, your virgin." 

"What the fuck? Why the hell do you care?" 

"So you are?" He replied not answering my question. 

"No, I'm not a virgin, why do care so much?" 

"Just curious."

"Oh so your just curious about my sex life?" I shot back.

"I'm intrigued by you Adley." I thought I heard him mumble, and my thoughts we confirmed when he looked away quickly. 

| | |

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