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I wrap my arms around Harry's torso tightly, not wanting to let go of my best friend. I nuzzle my face on his chest taking in his musky cologne. He wraps his arms around my small body, resting his chin on the top of my head. He rubs my back trying to comfort me and stop me from crying.

"It's okay Ariana. It's not like I will forget you or stop calling you. I will call you everyday and we have Skype love. No need to worry." He says still rubbing my back, comforting me.

I nod, not wanting to speak anything.

"Harry! It's time to go now." Anne calls from downstairs.

I slowly pull back from him and look up to his warm beautiful features for the last time for few months. His forest green eyes were glistening with tears like mine. He gave me a reassuring warm smile.

"Don't forget to eat healthy and don't eat too much junkies. Remember not to eat ice cream at night. You quickly catch cold." I warn him narrowing my eyebrows. Harry chuckles.

"Yes ma'am" He says wiping away the tear from my eyes.

"I love you" I tell him, meaning every words.

"I love you too Ariana." He says and presses his lips hard on my forehead.

"You have to win the X-Factor cause you're taking me to Paris for shopping when you become a superstar. " I joke cracking a smile.

Chapter 1 Over Again

I was filming a movie with Brad Pitt. It was the last scene of the movie. In that scene where I was supposed to kiss Brad before he leaves for the war. I lean forward to kiss Brad for the last time, eyes filled with fake tears. Brad embraces me in his arms. Just when I going to connect our lips, a sound interrupts our kiss.

"ARIANA WAKE UP!!" My mum shouts in my ears

"What the hell mum!!" I shout opening my eyes.

"Language Ariana," She says and starts shaking me.

"Wake up wake up wake up!" She sings in a high pitch near my ears. Yup this is my 45 years old mum who acts like a child, a very irritating one.

"Mum!" I growl. I slowly open my eyes and look outside the window. The sun was just going to rise up. I turn around to check the time on the wall clock. It was 6:30AM! She woke me up this early on a Sunday morning?

"Mum it's only half past six and there is no college. Summer break is going on REMEMBER? Unless you are suffering from short time memory loss," I tell her in a mocking voice, rolling my eyes at her.

"I know your break is going on. This young lady has got better memory power than you have." She says implying herself as a young lady. "But you need to go to the airport with Anne." She continues.

"And why is that?" I ask rudely, still pissed with my mother for waking me this early in the morning.

"Harry is coming back from London to finish his college. He will land at about eight so you have to reach there by half past seven." She says. Harry is coming. Nobody told me that in past days. Not even Meredith who is a massive One Direction fan.

"Now get ready. Anne is coming here at 7." She adds.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" I ask. I need some time to adjust with the news that Harry my old best friend who didn't cared about me after getting fame is coming back.

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