The accident

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Chapter 1.
Chase's POV.
"You guys are doing great!" I yelled as Bree and I were helping Skylar, Kaz and Oliver train.
Skylar just smiled before getting back to it. Oliver seemed like he was giving me a glare the whole time. I must've been imagining it I guess, and Kaz....well, he is Kaz. Serious when needed, but mostly just goofy.
"Ok everyone, let's take a lunch break before we get back into it." Bree announced as she grabbed the sandwiches she made.
Kaz, even though we could tell he was exhausted, ran to the food with Oliver and Skylar following behind.
Bree and I were talking about when Mr. Davenport would be coming back when I felt myself get slammed into the rock wall and people screaming my name. I didn't notice why until I looked at my leg and saw that it was twisted terribly. Then the pain settled in and I started screaming.
Skylar's POV.
I had been talking to Kaz and eating when suddenly, we heard screams and I turned around to see Bree run over to Chase in concern...that must be where the screams are coming from. Kaz, Oliver and I ran over to them to find out Chase's leg was extremely twisted.
"What happened?" I asked as I knelt down beside the bionic duo.
"I ate lunch quickly and I was testing out my super strength when I accidentally punched Chase in the back." Oliver explained with a sad look on his face, and it looked genuine.
"We'll talk later. Chase needs immediate medical attention." Bree explained as we turned to Chase, who was starting to lose consciousness.
Then we heard someone come out of the hyper lift with a.
"What's going on? I heard screaming from upstairs."
We looked over to see Douglas. Bree quickly explained what happened as Douglas sighed.
"Take him to the infirmary."
We all looked at him in confusion.
"You haven't had to go to the infirmary yet? I'm happy, but extremely surprised."
"Thanks for having faith in us, Dougy." Bree snarled as she lifted a now unconscious Chase into my arms.
"It's in here, down the second hall. I'll be there in a second." He explained as he opened one of the rock walls.
We nodded and Bree I went to the infirmary. She laid down Chase on what looked like a examination table as Douglas came in.
Let's just say, I was a bit thankful that Chase was unconscious, cause he probably would've been screaming the entire time Douglas examined his leg. After the X-ray results came back, Douglas looked at us with fear.
"How is he?" Bree and I asked at the same time.
"His tibia bone is completely shattered. Look at this." He explained as he showed us the picture.
It was true that the bone had been cracked into three pieces, and let's just say that I am so glad that body parts are on the inside cause I did NOT wanna see that up close.
"What are you gonna do?" Bree asked.
"I'll take care of this. I want you two to leave." Douglas explained.
"Not gonna happen, Dougy. I don't want you sticking some sort of Triton app in his leg." Bree fired at him.
"I can't do that, it has to be near the brain so it connects to the rest of the body. Plus, and I don't know if you remember this, but I am good now." Douglas retorted at Bree.
"Not leaving, all the same." Bree crossed her arms.
"Fine! There is a extra pair of scrubs in the closet. Get washed up and in here." Douglas explained as he pinched the bridge of his nose.
Bree smiled in victory as she went to go get the scrubs.
"Skylar, I do want you to leave. Chase will be fine." Douglas explained as he put his hands on my shoulders.
I nodded after much hesitation and started walking down the hall back to mission command as I heard the infirmary doors close behind me.
Is it possible that I like Chase?

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