J and The Secret - Chapter 2

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"Calm down. It's ok. We have each other and should do everything we can to help. What about Tessa? Have you heard from her? I know she's in London for study abroad." said Sana.

I look at her and whisper, "No" and then turn my head to the ground. Ashamed I haven't called Tessa yet to comfort her and be there for my other best friend. Tessa was the third girl in our group of friends consisting of Sana, Jake, Devin, my brother and me. Tessa was also Jake Fisher's girlfriend. I swirled my food around my plate and then started stabbing the fish where the heart would be wishing it was me

J and The Secret- Chapter 2

Mystery Person POV

Tessa sat there looking at the book, following along with her classmate that read in class. She shared her book with the person next to her like she always did since she was the responsible one everyone thought her to be. But he saw her differently. Everyone thought Sana was perfect with her trendy fashion, beautiful looks and enviable body but he saw past that. He would catch her wandering eyes staring into space thinking of other things when the teacher lectured. She bites her nails when she is nervous and no one is looking. The clothes she wears, she does not even put together herself, but rather the same exact ensemble as seen in the most recent Seventeen magazines. She laughs and talks in class hoping people notice her as they usually do. She puts her hand on her cheek resting her face when she is tired from all the "studying and partying" people think she does when in reality she just relaxes at home with her dog hiding out from the party places afraid she might see someone she knows. Tessa having a dream image at school where she has lots of friends and is smart and responsible yet lonely inside because everything is not truly real. Class ends and she picks up her book and gathers her stuff. Smiling and saying bye to all her friends yet once she's out the door, she turns her head down to hide the tear running down her cheek.

She accidentally bumps into him outside of the classroom tearing his book out of his hand and onto the floor.

"Watch it!" She says anger and irritation in her voice bringing her head up to glare into his eyes.

"Sorry, you bumped into me, remember, And ugh! i don't need your attitude so don't give it to me like I'm so random person. Relax, it's just me" he says as he bends down to gather his mess of books off the cool marble floors. "And I know you.. I've known you since we were little.. so you don't have to keep wiping your face... no one saw your tears.."

"Don't act like you know me! I see you and catch you when you stare at me. Trying to figure out who I am and how to get into my crowd. You think you are all content sitting in the corner of the classroom by the door read to leave all the time to get away from people. But I know that is just a front. You want friends and people to notice you. You don't like loneliness or solitude that you always let out to portray. I see it in your eyes and face every time you look at me. You think I care that everything I have is fake like my friends? You think I care when you catch a tear roll down my cheek? Well, I don't because I would rather have something than nothing like you. So back off and leave me along. You don't know me and you don't matter!" she said in an angry whisper so close to his face no one else heard or felt her anger except him.

And she stomped away to the escalator leaving him in shock as he turned around and walked away.

Tessa POV

I walked away looking like a mad woman on a rampage heat rising in my blood how dare he approach me. He doesn't know me, doesn't know my life or what I have been through. Getting kicked out of Oxford and my study abroad program after a month and now back in Malikin attending a junior college while Sana, Melanie and Devin still think I'm in London. He acts like he knows me just because he went to grade school with me and he watches me in class and at school events and parties but he doesn't know what I go through. Everything I do to stay or seem put together because of what happened.

I get into my car and drive away from Malikin Community college toward Devin's house. Away from people who are fake and materialistic. Sana, Melanie and Devin weren't like that and in truth they were the only people I trusted besides Adam and Jake. The five of us only had each other and we were binded together. I tried to relax in the car to get ready for this encounter with them. They didn't know I was back and would be coming tonight but I needed to see them. Sana and Devin should be setting up the food now and all the other activities should be done and ready by now. These were the times I was thankful it was a Monday and my classes for the day were done yet the school week has only just begun. Mondays were themed party nights for our group and I haven't been to one since I left for London. I missed them so much and all of my friends. Tonight should be exciting and I can't wait to see everyone and their expression!

I pulled into Devin's driveway big and long enough to fit twenty or more cars that matched his ocean view home. I got out of the car and took off my coat bringing along the bags of drink I picked up at the liquor store on the way here. I rang the door bell and the next thing I see is Melanie swinging the door open in her black cloak with a small grey vest on and crimson and gold tie on. Her black skirt swinging from her run to the door and her hair all frizzed up and curly.

"Well, Hello Hermione!" She stares at me with shock as her mouth gapes open and is stunned into silence. I look at her waiting for everything to register on my surprise visit and that's when I notice her puffy red eyes. Right then as if catching on to what I noticed she sweeped me up into the biggest hug and started crying burying her face in my fair.

" Aww Mel, don't cry, I'm here now! I missed you so much too and everyone else! London was just too far away from you guys, I couldn't do it!" I said hugging her pulling her closer into my body so that we were practically connected.

"Oh Tessa, we missed you so much! I'm so glad your back but we have some news.. Here, come inside and then we can talk. Sana and Devin are in the T. V room.

And that's when I saw it. The Harry Potter banner with the words "For Jake R. I. P." in detail of his favorite movie. Sana and Devin holding the sign ready to hang it up when they turn around as they hear our footsteps enter the room. Shocked expressions fill the silenced room. No one moved or said anything but stared at me.

In that moment, I did the only thing I could do, run away.



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