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"So we're really going to do this?" I asked.

I was wearing my pink silk pajamas, with my feet tucked under me as I sat on one of the hotel's very plush burgundy sofas, my hotel-issued too-thin slippers on the floor. We had nowhere else to go, since the nearest coffee shop was about four blocks away, and we weren't even sure if it would be open at this hour. Midnight was already considered too late here, except if you were drinking booze, but we wanted to be sober for this. Thank God for 24/7 hotel cafés.

He peered at me while sipping his steaming cup of hot chocolate, and rubbed his hands. It was too cold in the hotel, but we didn't have anywhere else to go that was open at one in the morning.

He smiled, that roguish, quick smile I saw earlier. "I'm not going to hold back if you won't."

I tried to figure out what his name was. He didn't look like a Ryan. Peter didn't feel right. Rafael sounded too rich and suave for that devil-may-care grin that I first saw him flash twelve hours ago.

"Raquel?" He asked, testing my name.

I shook my head, a small smile creeping into my face. "Nope, not Raquel. Not even close." I smirked. "Come on, we already agreed to this. We just have a few hours left."

He threw up his hands, his arm brushing against mine, sending shivers down my spine. But I didn't move away. "I know, I know. Okay, you go first."

With a deep breath, I took the plunge.

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