Chapter Seventeen

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Every passing minute, we got closer to the worse place on the planet. It was big, loud, and full of screaming out of control children. No place in this world could compare to how bad Poppy’s pizza was.

Poppy’s Pizza was basically a place for children to eat pizza and play on a giant play area. There was a band with silly characters that sung songs for the kid’s “enjoyment” and for adults, such as me, it was horror.

When we arrived at our destination, Callum and Kyra jumped out of the car and ran toward the doors. I stood there in front of the horror building and Keegan came and stood beside me. My eyes were filled with terror for sure. I did not want to go in this place.

“Come on, Aimee. It shouldn’t be too bad.” Even though I so wanted to believe his words, he could never be more wrong. The moment we stepped inside the building, we were greeted by screaming kids running around like wild animals on crack. Whoever gave them sugar should be severally punished.

“Okay, I was wrong.” Keegan mumbled beside me. I turned to him and scowled. He then began to lead me through the mass of kids and found an empty booth to sit on. A few seconds later, Callum and Kyra decides to grace us with their presence. Keegan ordered us pizza and it was soon delivered to our table.

I nibbled on a slice and Keegan just sat there looking bored, and annoyed. Kyra and Callum finished their pizza in no time and ran off to play with the other children.

“It’s hard to focus with everyone thinking so much about everything under the sun in here.” Keegan grumbled.

“There’s an arcade hardly anyone goes in, in the back…” Keegan’s face lit up and he quickly got out of his seat and grabbed my hand dragging me with him. There were a couple of older kids playing some weird games in the little arcade. One game in particular caught my eye. I used to play it every time I came here when I was little, and of course, taking Callum.

Dance Party Two, or aka the best game ever. I dragged Keegan over to it and smiled.

“Out of all the games in this room, this one is the one you want to play?” I smiled sweetly and he laughed. “You’re lucky I’ve played it a few times.” I open my mouth wide in shock and he laughs.

“Since when did you dance?”

“Since when did you?” He shot back. I squint my eyes and whack him for stealing my line and it just made him laugh. We walked up to the dance machine and smiled. It was still in good condition after all these years. It had two wide screens that went all the way to the floor and a stage to dance on. It was really cool, especially since it had a motion detector. Anything with a motion detector makes everything ten times cooler, right?

We stepped onto the machine and Keegan turned his head towards me, “What do you want to dance to?”

I shrugged, “Put it on random.” He nodded and the song showed up of what we were about to dance too. Don’t Stop the Party by Black Eyed Peas, which was one of my favorite songs. Two people popped up on the screen and the music started playing.

The way you play is you follow what the two people do on the screen. Sounds easy, right? Only Keegan put it on expert, which made you move around even more than the hard level did.

The moves were easy at first, but then it got harder as the song went on. I was tempted to glance at Keegan, but I really wanted to beat him. I was already building up a sweat. This is most exercise I’ve had in a while. But of course, I ended up winning.

“Ha, I beat you!” I yelled pointing my finger at him.

“By like one hundred points! That’s nothing to brag about.” He scoffs. I smirk and fold my arms over my chest.

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