staying in bed all day

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I'm watching a romantic movie called the notebook, such a classic movie. I'm lying in bed with the curtains closed surrounded by different tubs of ice cream each with a spoon in them. After last night, with Zak back in town, I finally realised that things that I hope we're gonna change aren't going to. He just has to come a ruin things all the time and it isn't fair. Today is go it to be a shut out day which basically just consists of lyin in bed watch movies.
My mum who I ran past yesterday in tears has constantly been trying to talk to me. I know that I should speak to her but I feel like I need a time out hahaha like a child.
Knock knock
"Freya honey you there?" My mum asks quietly
"Yes mum I'm here what is it?" I shout
She tries to open the door
"Please honey don't shut yourself out again like last time"

"Honey you need to eat something" my mum said with worried eyes. She brought a plate of food in with her. I shake my head "I'm fine mum" I say but to be honest I feel terrible
"Freya look at you!!!" She shakes with anger
"Look at what you are doing to yourself, starving yourself over a boy" she shakes her head
She sits down on the bed next to me
"Honey please I'm begging you" she takes my hand and holds it
"Mum he wasn't just some boy" I say to weak to move
"Honey there are other boys out there, he cheated on you and he clearly doesn't deserve you you will find someone who will care for you and only you" I meet my mum's eyes
"Promise?" I stick my pinky out and she wraps hers around mine.
" I promise" she last down beside me and wraps her arms around my weak skinny body.
"Promise me you will never do this to yourself again promise me"  her breath tickles my neck
"I promise" my breathing slowed down and I fell asleep
"Freya?" My mum had started shaking me but I learned that I actually past out than fallen asleep
"911 help its my daughter, she's passed out please come quickly"
"Mum I'm fine!!"I shout
"It won't be like last time" last time I was sent to hospital due to basically starving myself to death but without the death part
"How do I know?" She shouts back
"Because I promised and I keep my promises remember" I put a spoon of cookie dough ice cream in my mouth, hmmm
"Well if your sure then just let me in" "please" I get out of bed and open the door to a very worried looking mother
"See I'm fine look" she looks me once over
"No your not" she walks over to the curtains and pulls them open and the light slides into the room blinding me
"Mumm" she turns off my tv and gathers all the ice cream tubs
"Go get showered, we are going out""bu." She points at me
"No buts just go" and she walks out the door, I walk into my suite and take off my pyjamas and dump them on the floor.
My mum can be very strict if she wants to and I don't want that side of her so it's best just to go along with what she says.
I turn on the hot water, and step inside, I take the bottle of coconut shampoo and squeeze some onto my hands and massage it into my scalp, then i rinse it and do the same with the conditioner. By the time I get out the shower I am all nice and fresh. I wrap a towel around my hair and wrap my robe around my body and walk back into my room.

There on my bed lies a black sexy number, I lift it up against my body and it looks alright, there on the floor is a pair of cute black wedges.
I slip the black underwear which also lies on the bed, then I pull the dress over my head, careful not to undo the towel that is currently holding my wet hair up.walking over to my dresser, I pick up the hairdryer, plug it in and sit and dry my hair, my hair is thick and long so it takes ages!!!!

Fifteen minutes later my hair is finally dry, I grab my curlers and start to style my hair, after that is done I apply my make up onto my face, not much mind you, who needs a lot when you look like me right?
"You ready dear?" My mum knocks and enters
I stand up and pick up my perfume, spray it and grab my bag
"Yeah I am" I look in the mirror, like what I see and I follow my mum out the door and closed it behind me.
I take my time walking down the stairs, holding the railing against each step. I wonder what my mum has planned for tonight.

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