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Chapter 6


The next morning, when I woke up, I was slightly disoriented.  When I first opened my eyes, I was sort of disappointed to see the same room that I had fallen asleep in.  I was hoping I was just having a bad dream.  I am told that when you wish you were dreaming  in your dreams, it sometimes is true.  Stretching, I got up.  The thought of changing clothes crossed my mind, but it kind of skeeved me out to think about putting on things that were not mine.  I walked over to the tall windows which were basically large doors to a small balcony.  I pushed one open, and realized we were up so high that the wind was pushing the doors shut.  I didn’t try fighting it, and let them close.


I stepped back in, looking around the room again.  There was a television over the fireplace that I hadn't noticed last night.  It looked like an all black painting set in a big gold frame.  I walked over to the door and opened it so I could find Luke and have him take me home.  I pulled on the handle and the door did not open.   I went into shock.  I felt my heart accelerate.  I pulled on the door again, using both hands, getting the same result.  I panicked, realizing I was locked in the room.  I started pacing back and forth, not knowing what to do.  I ran back to the window, forcing them open in spite of the wind.  I looked over the railing to see if it was possible to jump down to another balcony, but there was none close.  Just a straight drop I wouldn’t survive jumping.


I walked back in the room slamming the doors shut as I continued to pace, trying to figure out what to do.  Those stupid vampires had basically kidnapped me.  I was trapped like a mouse caught in a trap, waiting to die slowly.  I walked back over to the door and banged on it as loud as possible and started yelling for help, for anyone to get me out of this room.  I was answered by deathly silence.  I leaned up against the wall next to the door and slid to the ground, unable to focus.  Glancing around the room again, my eyes landed on the clock next to the bed.  11:45 am.  It occurred to me that all the stupid vampires are asleep right now because it was daytime.  I felt stupid at first, but then the door opened and the same maid from last night walked in looking around.


"Good morning Sir.  Did you  sleep well, I hope?"  She was smiling.  


"Why was the door locked?" I demanded.  She walked over to the bed and started remaking it.


"Mostly for your safety.  The palace is enormous.  One can get lost very easily if one does  not know their way around.  It wouldn’t  be good if you wandered around only to find  yourself in an area that if not the safest."  She walked back to the door.  "Everyone is downstairs and about to eat lunch.  Would you like for me to take you down to them?"


"Not really.  I just want to go home!"  I replied.  


"Very well, but first, you must have some brunch.  Then you will be on your way.  Sound good?" She was trying so hard to be pleasant, which I resisted, shanking my head.


"Last night, I was told just one video game and then I could go home.  Now, its have some food,  then you can go home.  Why can't I just go home now?" I was borderline hysterical.


"Very well, follow me.  I'll take you to Prince Luke and get you on your way."  Still cheerful.

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