Chapter 1

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I don't know what my friends were thinking when they dared me to seduce a guy. But not like any type of guy, they had to go for out school's 'BAD BOY' or so i've heard.

I've never really seen him around but when i do, he's always making out with a different girl. Not that i care. You know how it is, girls fall head over heels for him only to have their heart broken. I won't say that it's entirely his fault because really, the girls are the ones that look for him.

My weekend had gone way to fast for my liking and i was making my way towards my locker on a cheery Monday morning. Note the sarcasm.

"Adrielle here he comes!" June whispered shouted in my ear which had me let out a scream and make a run for it, only to be crashing into Nathan. Yeah, you heard right, NATHAN! The heartbreaker, player, self-centered jerk, asshole, and well the list can go on and on.

"Woah, calm down baby doll. I already knew girls wanted me, but i didn't know they wanted me this bad." he said while plastering on his famous smirk.

HA! You wish buddy. I thought bitterly. But apparentely my cheeks had their mind of their own when they decided to turn into a bright scarlet red.

Damn you cheeks!

"Oh she does want you" June said coming up from behind me.

My eyes widened and quickly replaced it with a you're-so-gonna-die glare. Her emerald green eyes shone with a glint of mischeviousness.

He raised his perfectly shaped eyebrow and said "You know where to find me, baby doll" and just like that Nathan Pierson walked away.

Oh trust me, i won't.

To ever think i would have to 'seduce' that thing, brought chills through my back. And not the good type either.

"You see Adrielle, I made it easier for you" said June.

"Easier? Really?" I replied, anger lacing each word.

"That's what friends are for" she said while giving me a sheepish smile.

She didn't even give me a chance to reply when she was already running half way through the hallway.


I made my way to close my locker and started walking to my home room.


My first four classes came and went and by the time i knew it, LUNCH TIME! Happy stomach, happy me. All my friends knew that. Like always, i made my way to the middle of the cafeteria and sat on our usual high table that we had claimed since our freshman year.

"So we heard" said Leah while smirking.

Why the hell is up with people smirking!

"Heard what?" i replied.

"Quit playing the innocent act Adrielle" said Kate.

To say I was beyond confused would be an understandment, but now, i was way lost.

"I know Adrielle, June told us" said Rachel.

Oh my gosh! Hopefully they're not talking of what i'm think right now.

"What exactly did you hear ?" i said looking at each and every one of them.

"That you and Nathan had a moment this morning!" piped in June.

In a second my face turned bright red.

"Awe, look Adrielle is blushing!" all my friends cooed.

"First of all, we didn't. I just crashed against him and well it was June's fault!" i turned around to glare at June.

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