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The day was warm and cold making a light fog outside. You were sitting at your desk tapping your chin with a pencil, humming to yourself. Brushing some of your [h/c] hair out of your view. Looking out your window you see the Woods as if something becons for you to go there. Standing up you put on your jaket and shoes.

"[y/n] where are you going?" You turn to see your mother. You give a small smile.

"I'm just going outside for a bit, okay?" She nods.

"Be carefull and don't be out to late." You nod and flash a smile. Walking out the door, You breath in the misty air and sigh heading into the woods.

Walking for a bit you fell as if something is there, Quikly looking over your sholder, you sigh seeing nothing is there. You shake  it off as nothing but you being paranoid. Seeing the small clearing you smile and sit on the damp ground, you quietly sing to yourself. Seeing something out of the corner of your eye, Your singing slows and your heart beats a bit faster. You still keep Singing, Making out a tall figure...A really tall figure. you close your eyes for a minuet when you open your eyes your met with white. 

You gasp and step back noticing the white is a blacnk fac witch belongs to a really tall and slender man in a suit. He lifts his hand and you move back a bit, He stops moving not wanting to scare you. He moves back . You stare up at him.

"P-Please..Don't hurt me.." you managed to stutter out. He hands you a note.

'I'm not going to hurt you.' you look up at him shocked.

" Y-Your not?" He shakes his head. You relax a bit you look up at him and give a small smile.

"I'm [y/n] and I'm guessing you are the Slenderman..I've heard alot about you.." He tilts his head slighty and hands you anoth note.

'You have a lovley voice.' You blush no one has ever heard you sing. You look up at him and smile.

" Thank you~" You  say happly and giggle a bit when you notice a little pink on his cheeks.

~Timeskip with Chibi Slenderman ^.^~

You and Slenderman spent a few more hours out in the forest together soon you noticed it was getting dark.

"Wow the time flys by, I should get going." He helps you up, You turn to him.

"Can I vist you again tomorrow?" you slightly blush, he seems surprised and nods, You grin and hug him.

"I'll see you tomorrow then! Bye~" You quikly kiss his cheek and run home. Slenderman stands there with a blush on his face, a hand goes up to his cheek where you kissed him.

Later at home when getting ready for bed you see a note on your window.

'Good night [y/n]. '  You smile.

This is the start of a strange yet beautifull friendship
Maybe some thing more~

I don't own Slenderman. 
I don't own you.
I do own this Cookie how ever. My cookie!!!

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