Zayn's eyes widened in shock. Harry rarely cussed, but again, one of them had managed to weasel it out of him. "Harry, I-..."

"You fucking hurt him, you idiotic wanker!", Harry shouted, flailing his arms under the weight of Niall. If he was able to get up, he would go over and knock Zayn right in his perfect jaw, then take a cheap shot right at his balls.

"Harry, all the name calling is really not necessary." Louis rose from the couch and went over, kneeling down beside the love seat so he was level with Niall. Brushing a few blonde hairs from his forehead, he spoke quietly. "Tell me what hurts, Nialler.." All of them had hurt themselves at some point in time since they had known eachother and coming to Louis had been cheaper and easier then paying a visit to a man in a white coat.

"I.. Louis, I dunno..", he breathed and tried to sit up, stopping halfway. Eyes squeezed shut, Niall bit his lip. "Lower back."

Louis small hand ran from the tender spot between his shoulder, his fingers hitting the grooves in his spine as he worked his way down. Before he reached the place he had picked out, he pushed the back of Niall's shirt up, revealing the slightly swollen spot. Louis furrowed his brow and glanced up. With his other hand holding the shirt, he used two fingers and prodded around the bluish lump. "Hurt yet?"

"No.." The skin was tender but he hadn't actually reached that one area. Niall curled his fingers into the shirt on Harry's shoulders, preparing himself.

"How about.." Louis swallowed before putting the same amount of pressure on the bruising of Niall's back," Now.."

Niall's eyes snapped open, his lips sealing shut to hold back the soft cry that had risen in his throat. All he could manage was a shake of his head. Hot tears pricked his eyes when he dropped his face, cheek resting on Harry's shoulder. When he had fallen from the couch, he had felt something between the two dimples in his spine. It felt as if it had cracked.

"I see.." Louis chewed the same spot on his lip for almost two minutes before he spoke again. "Right.. Niall, you need to get up and go lie down in mine and Zayn's room. Its got the softest bed. And Harry, help him up there then come to the spare bathroom. I need to give you something." He held out a hand to help Niall off of his fiancé.

"I can do it.." Being stubborn, Niall let his legs slip sideways off of Harry, his feet catching the soft carpet. Getting some sort of leverage, he used it to help pull and push himself up. Niall tried his hardest to keep his sline from bending in any way, especially to the right or left. The faint taste of blood touched his tongue when he was finally up. Teeth still dug into his lip, he stood, stiff as a board.

Harry scrambled up, his arm immediately going around Niall's waist to help. "C'mon sweetheart..", he murmured and began to nudge him. Their feet started mkving towards the stairs, but he kept his gaze locked firmly on Zayn. The man was still glued to the couch, his brown gaze not leaving the emerald one. He wasn't sure why, but he felt he would have hell to pay if he broke it off. The contact wasn't broken until the top of a curly head was hidden from view as it disapearred up the stairs.

It took a full five minutes to get Niall laid down. Harry had had to pick him up, the man lying flat, supported only with his hands. He had almost dropped him on more than one occassion. "I'll be right back, Ni", he pressed a kiss to his temple and turned away. Seeing Niall's face twisted in pain like it was, was to hard to look at Harry. He made it a brisk walk to get himself to the spare bathroom, to see Louis already there and waiting.

"You need to take this." In his hands, he was holding a small bottle of lotion. It was something he used to rub on Zayn's sore back when he had returned from working out. "Take this, and rub it all over his back. Its going to get ice cold, so it will basically numb everything its on. Then, its supposed to get hot and melt it away. I don't really know how long It takes, but you need to do it." Louis spoke slowly, looking at him as the bottle was taken away.

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