Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


Four hours passed and still, no updates came. Addy had long since taken the seat next to me, flipping aimlessly through a bridal magazine, not paying any attention to the models in silky gowns on the pages or the articles about wedding planning. She had a thoughtful look in her eyes, contemplating and calculating. She reminded me of...well...Ember. Eventually, I tried to start conversation. 

"How's the wedding planning been going?" I asked, at a loss for anything else.

Wedding planning? Of all the topics... Addy looked up from her magazine, breaking her train of deep thought and smiling kindly at me. Her brown eyes softened as she addressed me. 

"It's good. We have almost everything ready. The wedding is scheduled for May 15th."

I nodded. 

"That's good."

Addy nodded. Awkward silence filled the void between us. Eventually, she spoke up. 

"Joshua, I know you hate Ember's occupation. Don't try to deny it, mister. I can see it in your eyes. While we have the time, is there anything you want to talk about pertaining to it? I know it must be hard for you. Trust me, it was hard for me before I joined to CIA to be dating Garret. It's still difficult for me."

I sighed, clasping my hands in my lap and shrugging. It is hard for me. Not knowing where she'll be or who she'll be with is hard enough to worry about. Plus, what if something like this happened to her? I guess it all comes with dating a spy but, it's never easy. 

"How do you feel when Garret is deployed on a mission?"

Addy sighed, shifting in her seat and putting away her magazine. I watched her, waiting. 

"Uncomfortable, for the most part. Unsure. Concerned."

I nodded. That's exactly how I feel when Ember is out. Her assignment is still to protect my family, but the CIA has had her do small cases before. Her leaving for college all the way across the country from me was horrible. 

"Do you ever feel like you're being kept in the dark?"

"I suppose. Naturally, you already know this, but Garret can never tell me everything about his missions just like I can't tell him everything about mine. If I'm not mistaken, you and Ember have had troubles with this, haven't you?"

I nodded, feeling embarrassed. I hate myself for that argument. It was a selfish thing to do. I know she won't ever be able to tell me everything about her work. She's keeping government secrets, for crying out loud! 

"Yes. I hate myself everyday because of it."

"Don't! Don't ever hate yourself over that little argument! You were still adjusting, that's all. It's a big adjustment, dating a spy. But, hey, look at Garret and I."

I smirked. That is true. They managed to keep their relationship strong, even with the secrecy. 

"I guess. One last, I'm not exactly sure how to ask this but...well...what's the official age of marriage in Nephilim society?"

Addy went silent. I waited, not daring to look at her. Oh, shit, why did I just ask that?! 

"Twenty. The official age is twenty."

From that point on, all conversation ceased. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I scolded myself inwardly. This is going to be a long night.  

(Sorry if this sucks! It's late and I'm tired. I couldn't help writing it though.) 

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