over protective sasuke over protective menma

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The next day sasuke woke up early but this time he was awake just in time to see itachi get up out if his bed "morning itachi" sasuke says as he walks towards the kitchen as he stretches "well someone is happy this morning" itachi commented while smiling.

Sasuke looked at his older brother before for shrugging then walked into the kitchen to get him something to eat while for itachi he just got a glass of water.

"So little brother what got you in a brighter mood finally found you kitten again" itachi teased earning a punch in the arm by sasuke "says the guy who had a make out session with kyuubi while me saaukie and the kitsund just talked and catches up on what's been going on in our live" sasuke teased back as itachi blushes as glaced at his brother unhappy, "how did yo.........your gonna pay for this sasuke" itachi says as he grabs hid lunch bag then his travel bag before leaving "I'll return in 10monthes and I think kyuubi will be having naruto and menma staying over for some months as well don't do anything stupid to them" itachi warned, as he left at first sasuke was confused but then after a whole he caught on and blushed like a mad man as he chocked on his tomato.

Hour later

Sasuke and saaukie were just now arraving at school but they were in a much happier mood than they were 2days ago and every one else was glade that the deadly atmosphere was gone "sasuke-kun" someone yelled as the Uchiha moved away quickly only to have a pinkette facepalm into the floor "hi Sakura" sasuke says rolling his, eyes at the pinkette who looked up at him with a hurt gaze "why can I never hug you" Sakura whines as sasuke shrugs "don't want be touched is all" sasuke says as he was soon patted on the shoulder and nearly like I said NEARLY sucker punched naruto in the face but stopped him self.

Naruto POV

all I did was pat his shoulder and he was almost about to punch me but I thought he loved me.

"Oh morning naruto didnt know it  was you" sasuke says as he relaxed a but I just nodded still a bit shoked though "morning sasuke oh um hey can I ask or tell you something" I said. I felt like I was blushing cause my face was heating up as sasuke was waiting for me to finish "me and menma are gonna be spending a few months at your place is that Ok" I said looking up at sasuke who just shrugged but I thing, I said that out to loud cause everyone froze and same started whispering "is this because your brother can't trust anyone else to be there for you and menma" sasuke asked tilting his head whole I just nodded.

"Ya  he's gonna be out of town for 10 months due to something improtant" I explained while sasuke listened carefully.

"So im guessing the things you packed in in the principals office or somewhere else " " in this bag that I'm holding or bags hehe" I laughed shyly "ok the go to your pockets than well he able to get to class ok" sasuke says as he was acting a little strange but I shrugged it off and began it walk as I felt one of my tails twich underneath my clothing as menma followed behind me to our lockers.

Putting up everything thing we left to meet up with sasuke and sasukie who were waiting at the front door of our first class which is our homeroom it also seemed that we had a new teacher today as well he had a mask on covering his face as a head band was covering his left eye, he had silver hair as well he was reading something while sitting down in a chair.

Sasuke just continued walking as he sat down sasukie did the same while menma and I looked at the teacher but we went to go sit down as well as we sat I'm out normal places "hey sasuke haven't you noticed the new teacher" I whispered "Ya the first one got expelled for doing something inappropriate on school grounds" sasuke says but he soon looked up at the teacher "hey you should put that away before you get expelled to pervert" sasuke says, as the silver haired man looked up st sasuke with one dark eye as he did put the book down but then walked over to sasuke.

"Hey sasuke long time no see" the silver haired man said while sasuke just looked away "at least your back kakashi" sasuke says as he looked up the man called kakashi.

"So who's this guy right here" kakashi pointed at me but sasuke slapped his hand away "don't point it's rude" sasuke growled looking up at his tail unsatisfied.

I wonder why did sasuke do that anyway what's his problem

As kakashi looked at sasuke who wasn't even paying attention he tried to do it again but his hand got smacked away once again crazy.

Sasuke smacked his hand away again "hey why are you doing that" kakashi says looking at sasuke who didn't respond but he did continue to smack his hand away then soon the bell ringed and everyone arrived at class as kakashi left for his desk and just waited for every one to settle down some so he just stands there the who time waiting.

soon as the class settled down kakashi started to talk "ok class im your new teacher and since the rules are for us to be spoken by our middle name just call me sensai ok" kakashi says as he smiled threw his mask "now for thoughs who have questions raise your hands" he says again as almost half the class raised there hands as I was surprised sasuke seemed like this entire thing was normal how is this normal dose this happen sometime.


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