The Wrong One

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Name: Jezebel Marie Lupin

Age: Same as the Twin's

Hair Color: Waist Length, Thick, Very Wavy, Light Chestnut Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Nicknames:Jess, Mar

Other Looks:Always has hair in thick high ponytails at the bakc of the head, has Long sharp nails, Pink heart shaped lips and Rosie Cheeks

Other: Is like her dad she reads alot and stuff but shes still a prankster at heart. Loves her dad alot. Mum died when she was young so she lives only with her dad.

Theres not much to say about me. Nothings really special except that my dad's a werewolf but that doesnt really matter because hes still a really sweet guy. The onyl thing about my appearence that would reveal that i was a Werewolve's daughter is my long sharp nails much like the ones my dad gets when he transforms though shorter more human like. Whats there really to say? Me and my dad live at my Grandparent's home which he inherited when they died as well as all their money which wasnt much. Since Daddy cant get work all that often we have to scrape by on the money he inherited we only took a small portion per month though so we were still basically poor.

He gave me the best we could afford meaning his clothes were always Shabbier than mine and he fixed my clothes better than his own.

During the days i was at the house alone mostly or sometimes when he could hes take me to stay with this nice lady Molly Weasley. He said she had 7 whole kids but i never saw them except fo r alittle girl who was 3 years younger than me maybe she made the boys go away i guess. Hed be away to try to find work and he never let me go with him seaying it was no place for little girls. I think though that it was because he was fully aware that if i heard people being mean to him because he was a werewolf id go what he liked to call 'Lily Evans' on them yelling about the injustice of it all and cursing that hag Dolores Umbridge. I love my daddy i truly did so every night when hed come home id run to the door and hug him tightly shrieking "daddy!". It might seem a bit exagerated to some people but he was all i had in this world and i was all he had. My Mum had died when i was 3 a year after the Dark Lord ha dmet his doom. Shed died of Breast Cancer Daddy says when she was only 19! Shed had me when she was 16 and my Daddy was 19 people criticized their relationship since he was of age and she wasnt but they didnt care they still loved each other alot.

"Jess, jess" i heard a voice whisper in my ear "Jezebel" the voice said and my eyes fluttered open my daddy was the only one who called me Jezebel and the only person i knew really. "Happy Birthday Jess" he said when i woke up fully and i smiled widely then sat up and jumped up and down in my seat "yay yay yay!" i sang and jumped higher and higher until without knowing it i was floating in mid-air ""oops" i said and sat back down. "Todays the day!" i said brihgtly and smiled wide again "im getting my Hogwart's letter!" i said and jumped up and down more. Daddy laughed "it already came darling" He said and i smiled again. "WELL LET ME HAVE IT!" I said when i jumped twice without nadda and he laughed again then handed me th enveloipe which io tore open. Of course i already knew what it said with slight details out of place since the first thing id ever read was my dad's acceptance letter which hed kept til always. "Come on get ready lets go to Diagon Alley so i can get you your present and you can get your things" he said and i skipped out of his room which is were i slept most of the time and into my own were i changed quickly into then i skipped back out of my room and To the kitchen were my father was setting a plate of Bacon Hashbrowns and eggs infront of my seat. "Daddy lets go! We can eat later!" i said and he chuckled but pointed to the seat i muttered stuff under my breathe but sat down nonetheless. While i ate my food my Dad put my hair into my two high ponytails fluffing the ahir slightly just how i liked them. Then when i was finished eating and i was all pretty i all but dragged my father out of the kitchen and inot the living room to the fireplace. I grabbed too much Floo Powder then shoved it into the fireplace and dragged my dad into it yelling "Diagon Alley!" then we were engulfed in a ton of green flames but i didnt really notice sinc emy dad had to keep a tight grip on ym shoulder to keep me from running.

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