Subject: :(

Hello jessica. I got your last email. I'm sorry jessica for everything. For not being there all those times I should have. I was just seventeen when Your mother got pregnant with Jennifer. I was scared. So I left and then I realized what a fool I was for leaving he and I went back. Me and your mom got back together and then you came along and there was no I could raise two kids. We were only 18. We weren't finacially stable and I wanted your mother to either abort you or put you up for adoption and there was noway your mother was going to give you to someone else because she said it wasn't fair. So i left and i'm very glab that you are still here. Jessica I really want to see you. please don't do this.

love you always



I sat there staring at the computer with teary eyes. All of this was too much for me to handle. I had a million things to do and with my dad wanting to see me its all just making my life crazy. JUst then my phone rang.

red cups and sweaty bodys everywhere

hands in the air like we don't care

"hello" I answered

"jessie I didn't think you would answer" Austin said

"well I did...so what do you want" I asked irritated that he called when I was having an emotional moment

"I was calling to check on you and my son. Is everything okay with you and him?"

"I'm fine and so is Charlie. Is there anything else you need. Need I remind you we aren't supposed to be speaking outside of school

"Jessica if that were so you wouldn't have answered the phone when you saw my caller ID."

"Huh...I guess your right but this doesn't change anything so don't go getting your hopes up." I huffed into the phone.

"Well my mom was wandering if she could meet your mom tonight over dinner at our house."

"I don't know......I have an appointment today."

"You do? Can I come?"

I knew that was coming. I didn't answer

"Come on Jessica please?  He is as much as my baby as he is yours. It takes two to tango."

"yea..sure...I guess. just please don't look the way you did at school today."

"Don't worry about that. My mom already put me in check. Now that I think about you are kind off like her"

"yeah yeah" I muttered "Alright see you in 30 minutes. And tell your mom we will be there tonight at eight."

"Cool. I"ll be there. Tell your mom I said hey."

"Bye Austin"


When I got to the docter. Austin was already there sitting in the waiting area. He stood up when he saw us and I stopped dead in my tracks.

He cleaned up nice.

His curly hair was messy but it was that perfect kind of messy. He had on a hollister shirt and some jeans. When he came over an hugged me I almost dyed. he smelled like old spice body wash. His teeth were sparkly and white and he just looked good.