~ Eleven ~

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After This, No More

Evandros was lying face down on his pillow in bed when his phone beeped. His hand searched for the thing on the bedside table.

How do we nurse a broken heart?

The text message he read from the screen was very meaningful. Once again, he buried his head on the pillow with his hand still holding the phone.

Is she broken-hearted right now? He asked himself.

And how should he answer it?

He wasn't moving for a while. He was still deciding whether to make a reply or not. He settled for a 'No, he won't.'

Then, his phone beeped again.

With a really bothered heart, he looked at it again.

If you're not going to reply, I will stop seeing you again.

"Oh, Phoebe!" Evan muttered loudly, shutting his eyes.

Yes, perhaps, to stop this tutor-tutee thing would be the best thing for them. Actually, she was a fast learner and she didn't need him anymore. She could have a better grade now in maths without him... Thus, he decided not to answer her.


Phoebe couldn't sleep. For like an eternity, her eyes didn't have a plan to shut down. All she was thinking was Evandros and how he walked out on her just this evening.

And now, he wasn't replying her!

She had been waiting for about thirty minutes already and he didn't still have the nerve to reply.

Phoebe sat down on her bed and faced the screen of her phone in her hands.

"You are hurting me a lot, Evandros Xenakis," she said, gritting her teeth.

Then, she let her head fall down again to her pillow. She was getting crazy now. "Oh, just a sign... I need a sign... a sign..." she muttered desperately.

By and by something came up her mind. "I'll give you five more minutes, Evandros Xenakis!" she mumbled loudly. "If youre going to text me within five minutes, that means you also feel the same. If I won't receive a text from you in five minutes, that means you don't care for me at all or you feel nothing for me at all... and, if that happens, I swear, I will forbid you to set foot on the mansion forever."

Phoebe gazed intently at the time her phone was displaying... 3:05 A.M.

She closed her eyes.

You're right, Ba-ba. He really has an effect on me! Not being able to sleep the whole night is the Evandros Xenakis' effect on me!

When she opened again her eyes, she looked at her phone once more as she brought it close to her eyes.

3:09 A.M.

One minute more and he wasn't still texting her.

Finally, the heart-broken Phoebe gave up as she threw the phone on her side. It crashed the surface of her bed and she didn't care. She turned around and lay on the bed with her face down.

She would sleep. She would try herself to sleep. She wouldn't let him bother her. And tomorrow, she would start to face life without him.

She closed her eyes and felt the beating of her heart. She thought that each beating just coincided with each second of the clock. Finally, in her estimation, one minute had passed. Immediately, a teardrop fell her eye to her pillow.

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