"You know her? She's quite masculine, for a woman." Bianca said and for pete's sake she's just an arm span away from me and yet my very bestfriend is now starting a conversation like no one's listening.

So instead of blabbering, I get my phone and text her.

You're unbelievable! She's just sitting next to me jesus!

Instead of getting her nerves back, she giggled like it was a joke or something.

Relax B, she had her earphones on. She won't hear us

That does not give me any relief.

Before I could text her back, our teacher's already at the front with her books on hand.

"Welcome back class of 2016!" He started.

That's too formal isn't it?" And we all laugh, except the one at the back. I don't know what's with her. And I don't even know why it's bothering me.

"Well, before we start, I would like to acknowledge the presence of a new member of your clan, miss... what's your name again?"

They all look at the back of the room facing me and I just manage to look down again, my ears got a little sensitive to hear her voice.

She stand up towering me.

"Althea, Althea Guevarra." And then she's back on her sit again.

"Well, good to have you here miss Guevarra. I hope you enjoy your stay here at Forks."

Our teacher starts blabbering about x and y and some math equations which I already know since I read and study during my free time so I'm ahead of our discussion.

Honestly, I was a bit distracted by her presence. Although it's hard to look back knowing that she might caught me looking, I can sense that she's not paying attention either. I looked at the window and saw her reflection and I was right, she's looking outside still has her earphones on, but only on her left ear.


We're now at the school's cafeteria for our lunchbreak. Aside from my bestfriend Bianca, we also have some other friends, Sally, Wila, Abby and Batchi from class B. Batchi didn't showed up on the first day. She's still with her family at the Bicol province but she promise to attend school starting tomorrow.

"How's your vacay?" Bianca asked pertaining to all of them.

"Great! I stayed at Boracay for a good whole month since mom started her resto bar near the beach. It became my habit to hunt down cute guys and how I wish I could stay there for good!" She started and I could see that she really did have fun, as always.

"Take me with you please!" Bianca added and we all have a good laugh.

"How about you Sal?" I asked while enjoying my healthy carbonara.

"Did you got engaged?" Bianca joked.

"No silly! But for starters, I met his parents and we had a lovely dinner last week. It's quite overwhelming." Sally blurted with a sweet tone. She's in a relationship with Paul from our class, the eyes and ears of Forks, one of the smart kids and the editor-in-chief of our school paper, the one I'm blaming for all the front page written about me.

"Speaking of Paul, where is he?" Abby asked while eating what's left on her plate.

"The usual, he's with the boys again." Sally sighed.

She's talking about a group of men hanging out together and are best of friends, more like a brotherhood. I don't know where they all met but I'm guessing they are members of some known fraternity outside the vicinity which is highly prohibited and against school protocol.

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