Exposure Level 2 - 10 | iii

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The hunt was on for the infected vampires from the train. So far, one of them was found and killed. Reinforcements from the Mountain was now in the city. Marx brought Shea, Garrick, and Ichiro along with him.

Anabella was sitting in her chair in the control room at Anax, her firm. They offered security solutions for businesses and private homeowners and individuals looking for bodyguards and security details. Celebrities, Heiresses, Diplomats—Anax, was the firm of choice. Along with the services listed, there were others. Like surveillance for the entire city of Pentorium. It was the largest city on the continent comprising of five different sectors. Each ran by one of the five heads of the vampires.

"One target spotted on the corner of Glendevon and Twenty-third Street," one of Anabella's operators said over her headset.

"Team two is seven minutes out," a man's voice came over the intercom.

"Ichiro and I are two minutes from the location," Shea's voice came in loud and clear. "We'll handle it. Over."

"Roger that," the man from team two responded.

"Bring up the feed," Anabella instructed her team inside the control room.

On the biggest monitor in the room came a live feed from Glendevon and Twenty-third. Shea and Ichiro had made contact with the target. The fight was sure to bring some attention but with the power out, the likelihood of witnesses being able to film it for posterity was slim.

The entire city was on lockdown. A curfew was still in effect. Until the threat past citizens were to be locked in their home until they received further instructions. To cover all the bases the city sat in darkness, their networking disconnected. This meant no internet and only emergency calls could be made. Emergency calls that would come directly to Anabella's team. She was in charge of overwatch. Directing the teams that were sweeping the entire city on the streets and here in the control room through surveillance feeds. All cameras came with high-tech night vision capabilities. Anabella had eyes and ears everywhere.

All main exits in and out of the city had blockages. To be thorough men were in the process of sweeping the sewer in any of the vampires thought to hide there. Those teams came up as dots on a different set of screens. For them, Anabella could not provide much information.

Shea and Ichiro put the vampire down.

"Dispatch a cleanup team to their location," Anabella instructed.

One of the operators made the call.

The emergency lines were ringing off the hook. Some leads were valid, some pranks. If they only knew what was running through the streets tonight. The public advisory said there was a manhunt. A manhunt geared towards the capture of six suspects who were responsible for the deadly, brazen attack in the Metro Subway. It was accurate enough.

"Ma'am, ma'am I need you to calm down and tell me what's happening," one of Anabella's operator said.

Tears choked up the woman's voice making her hard to understand, but the general gist was this—someone was inside her home. Anabella closed her eyes against the scream of the woman. She was right. That was casualty number three for the night, not counting the two vampires they already took down. A team was dispatched to the woman's home to pick up the trail. There were four more targets left running wild among the civilians.

"Target found going eastbound on Ninety-fifth and Hurst," another operator said over his headset. "Team one you are the closest."

"Roger that. Team one is inbound," the team leader replied.

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