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four years later.

my heels clicked on the wooden floor, immediately raising all attention to me. i was formally greeted by my fellow colleagues before being given a cup of coffee and instructed on what to do.

"james rang up asking for you to be on the show, he wants to do a throwback week with all the people he's previously interviewed" amanda informed me.

"did he give a time and date?" she frantically flipped through her clipboard, searching for an answer for me.

"yes, 3pm tomorrow" i froze in thought for a few seconds before agreeing to the interview and sending her off on her morning tea break.

"hey gorgeous, i brought donuts" sabrina called out, holding up the box of dunkin donuts.

"oh, you're a life saver" i said, stuffing my face with the delicious delicacy.

"mm, dylan said he'll be back tonight" she mentioned, looking down at the text.

"that should be fun, we haven't been able to see him in a few weeks. what do you want to do then?" she looked up in thought before shrugging her shoulders and continuing to chew on her strawberry donut.

"you're so helpful" i emphasised sarcastically.

"i know" she showed me a bright smiled and flicked her hair off of her shoulders.

"ive gotta run and get dressed, we can go out afterwards. i don't have anything planned" she nodded in agreement and shooed me off to quickly change into something more appropriate.

once i was dressed i looked in the mirror at my attire, its warm and comfortable, exactly what i was going for

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once i was dressed i looked in the mirror at my attire, its warm and comfortable, exactly what i was going for.

"reckon there'll be people out side waiting for your ass?" sabrina snickered.

she hates the paparazzi just as much as i do, but possibly more since she hates being filmed and published onto magazine covers full of preposterous rumours.

"most likely, but it's fine. just keep your head down an-" she cuts me off, rolling her eyes.

"ignore them. yeah, yeah", she grabs ahold of my wrist and drags me to the front of the office building, chucking my bag over to me.

"thanks, girl. now leggo", we both take a deep breath and brace ourselves for what's about to come.

i know it's going to be hard to ignore them today, especially with the recent rumours surfacing the internet about justin.

apparently some people can't get it through their thick skulls that we broke up four years ago and have never spoken since, or not directly at least.

"soraya, is it true that you and justin adopted a child?" i scoffed, that must be the craziest thing ive ever been accused of. not that i wouldn't adopt, but with him?

"as much as i would love to adopt a child, i am much too young to be doing so. i have plenty of things id like to accomplish and places i want to go before i decided to settle down" i couldn't help but respond. no way am i letting that one get out.

"sorry ma'am we just assumed because of justin biebers new Instagram post. have a good day then" the man waved his hand up, as to call some of the other paps with him.

a few more questions were asked, and a lot of photos were taken before we finally reached my black van.

"so much for ignoring them" sabrina laughed, making me roll my eyes.

"i need to know what they're talking about" i huffed, clicking onto justin profile and scrolling down until i reached what i was looking for.

it was a photo of him holding a baby girl with the caption 'ray', i can see how people misinterpreted this.

i decided to let it go and just keep stalking him,
i mean im already on his account, i may as well see what he's been up too.

i kept scrolling until i came across yet another photo that caught me off guard, but this one, even more so.

@justinbieber; wow

at this point, im baffled

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at this point, im baffled. what is he trying to do? does he really think this wil get him anywhere but magazine covers? or is that what he actually wants?

my mind was filled with thoughts and bewilderment, but i shook them off and maintained my mentality.

"what's up?" sabrina asked, looking up from her phone.

as much as i really don't want to mention what's actually bothering me, i can't hide things from her.

i showed her the photo and caption, which just made her shake her head in disapproval.

"nigga just after some attention, don't worry" she grabbed my phone out of my hand and tested it on her lap, stopping me from stalking any further.

"yeah, maybe" i mumbled, not loud enough for her to hear.

i allowed my thoughts to get the best of me for the rest of the day. and that my friends is how fast a good day can turn into a dreadful one.

first chapters are always boring, it'll get better i promise 💖

word count; 836

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