Unruly Servant (chapter 20)

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Chapter Twenty

    My breath caught in my throat. This was not how this was supposed to have went, but when do things like this ever? In what would have been only fractions of a second for the human woman staring in shock at me, I shifted through a thousand different ways to get out of this situation. Changing forms nor using charms was going to work, I was already caught and I had a feeling this woman was not susceptible to being swayed so easily.

    It was hopeless.

    “Your unbinding will be the gateway to more paths.”


    I swallowed, I suppose now was as good of an opportunity to try out the knowledge he had provided me with as any; though my pervious fears still lurked behind that thought. Doubts, the what if’s and could be’s. Who really knew what I would become if I tapped into that side? I certainly didn’t and neither had the Undertaker completely understood it, or if he had he certainly hadn’t offered any clear information on it.    

    My decision was made as soon as Beast opened her mouth.

    Forcing my eyes shut, I dove into the deepest parts of my subconscious mind. Mortals only can use a certain amount of their mind, it’s one of the things that separate us from them, our ability to tap into our entire abilities. There was a certain part of myself though that I had kept locked away and well away from until now; until I became curious about it. I had Undertaker to partially thank for that. With only minimal hesitation I prodded through it curiously, before I summoned enough strength in myself to submerge myself completely.

    What I found was both surprising and not entirely unwelcome.

    A sensation of warmth spread through my body quickly growing to an almost intolerable level, before cooling down till it was a low hum of energy mixing with my blood and essence.

    White mixed with black.

    Sin with purity.

    Angel with demon.

    Instincts drove me to reach out and press my hand to Beast’s forehead. Her dark eyes grew, a mixture of confusion and fury swirling in the depths. Her mouth opened, but nothing had a chance to escape. Focusing on the building haze in my mind I pushed forward. Slowly, her mouth fell closed as her eyes grew hazy as if a layer of fog had descended upon her. As if entering a trance her body lost it’s rigidness and she stood up, moving like a doll out of the tent.

    I didn’t dare move until she was completely out of sight. Once she was both out of sight and sound, I released the breath I’d been holding and wiggled my way from under her makeshift cot just as Sebastian propped the trunk open, releasing both himself and Ciel from the small space.

    One glance at me and I knew he knew what had happened. His gaze darkened ever so slightly, just enough that even Ciel noted the change in demeanor of his demon.

    “You’ve awoken that bloodline,” the disgust in his voice was just as chilling at the tone he used.

    Ciel scowled, “We don’t have time to discuss whatever she did or didn’t do, leave this for a later date. We have an investigation to complete.”

    I gave Ciel a sheepish smile as I smoothed the dirt from my clothing, avoiding Sebastian’s gaze as best as I could. I had no idea what I exactly did or if I even had truly awoken that side, but if I had he did truly have an excuse to be disgusted. Demon did not take lightly the blood of angels, they scorned those holy viewing them as advisories. If I had tapped into that bloodline then my blood would be tainted, neither damned nor holy. A mutt if I dared used human terms. But could I truly have such a side if my father was fallen?

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