Chapter Six

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Chapter Six


Warning: trigger scene.


As I was standing there panicking, the leader had moved closer to me, leaving only about a foot of space separating me from his vile person. I tried to back away from him but he just persisted in his endeavor to fulfill his evil intentions. 

"Wha' is it lass? I just want tae have a bit o' fun with ye. And who kens, ye mayhap even enjoy it."

He was so close now that I swear I could smell the potent whiskey on his breath. The staleness of it damn near suffocated me. There was no way I was going to let this man touch me, I would kill him first. 

"Over my dead body ye bastard," I reached into the fold of my skirt and pulled my long dagger from the sheath on my thigh. I immediately touched the sharp point to his jugular. "If ye move an inch ye son of a whore I willnae hesitate before I slice your throat open."

He grinned and began to mock me. "What is a wee lass like ye going tae do against all this brawness?"

I didn't like him questioning me one bit. In response I pushed the blade a bit closer to him. He immediately lost his confidence when blood began to trickle from the small wound in his neck.

His worry quickly vanished however when one of his companions drew my attention. He had Fiona's back pressed tightly to his front with an arm that was wrapped around her chest, hindering her from using her arms. The man's other hand was holding his sword. And that sword just happened to be pressed to Fiona's delicate neck.

'Damn,' I thought. This was not going to end well. There was no way I could fight off five strong men and also protect Fiona. I was at a loss of what to do.

"I demand that ye release my friend and me now! If ye donnae do what I am telling ye to do then things willnae end well fer ye. We are traveling with a group of me faither's strongest champion warriors. They have just stepped out fer a moment to relieve themselves. They will be back at any moment so I suggest that ye leave right now before they return and slay ye all where ye stand."

All five of the man stared at me fer a few breaths as if I'd gone mad. Then they all broke into fits of loud laughter. One even slapped his knee he was so overcome by the emotion.

"What the hell is so hilarious?" I demanded, "Dae ye think I am lying tae pye? Verra weel it will be yer deaths not mine. I did warn ye."

"Aye she may be bonny but she is nae verra bright. Lass, we have been following ye and yer friend since early this morn. We ken that ye have nae companions. Now, drop your dagger before I command my man to slice open the pretty things throat. Twould be such a shame. I don't want either of ye dead just yet. It'd be much more enjoyable if we all got to play first." I tried to think of another way out before I finally decided that I couldn't risk my dear friend's life." I allowed the dagger to slip from my tight grasp. The muffled sound of the iron hitting the grass solidified the feeling of dread that had settled in my gut. His humor fled from his expression, the smirk he gave me at my defeat anything but funny. 

"Let her go," I had to try something. I brought my friend out here, placed her in this situation, I had to do what I could to get her out of it. "Let her go. You can do whatever ye want tae me, I willnae fight ye. But release her, let her go free. Let her go and ye get me, a laird's only daughter."

"Is that all ye have tae bargain with boireannach? I do nae care whether you're a laird's daughter or a siùrsach. They both hae the same body parts. That's all we are after. We don't give a dæm what yer social standing is. Try harder."

The men went on with what they were doing. Two more of them had moved to surround Fiona, the fifth one coming to join his leader at my side, nothing but untamed vicious lust in his eyes. 

Think! I commabed myslef. As I did just that my heart dropped as I realized what my only remaining bargaining piece was. 

"My maidenhead!" It burst out of me, bred from the extreme desperation that was now consuming me. 

It seemed as if even the leaves of the trees paused, holding their breath as they took in my last words. 

"If ye let Fiona go I shall willingly give ye my maidenhead. Let her go and it is yers, no fighting." I stilled, staring unwaveringly, boldly, into my captor's eyes. I refused to back down. I made my offer. 

I had thought that his grin couldn't get any eviler, but I was mistaken. His reactant smirk at my offer couldn't be described as anything but vile. Pure vile, promising his evil intent. 

"Very well. Ye heard her men. Release the fiery-haired lass. This one lays down a hard bargain."

"Nae!" I closed my eyes at Fiona's refusal. I concealed the pain in my eyes and looked at her. 

"Go my dear friend: take yer freedom, tell my story. I will be a hero to my future God-children. Go." 

She still shook her head violently."I willnae leave ye here. I cannae do it my dear friend."

"Fiona! Just go and save yerse-."

My voice was cut off when a hand wrapped around my throat, effectively restricting my air. 

"I've had enough. Stop wasting my time. Do what ye want men, she should have fled when she had a chance. Now it's too late. I'll enjoy taking this one's virginity, in the meantime, play with that one. She seems feisty enough. It's the feisty ones that are always more enjoyable to break. Have yer fun."

After those words left his mouth he suddenly pulled me directly against his chest. He brought his face to my neck and my wrists were switched to being held by just one of his hands. His free hand slid up the front of my wais to my left breast where he squeezed the tender flesh roughly. I cried out from the pain and my eyes flew over his shoulder to meet Fiona's gaze. We both shared a look that conveyed our terror at the situation we had found ourselves in. Her captors had resumed the groping they had started moments before. The three of them surrounded her, rubbing against her beginning to touch her body in violating ways.

My connection with her was broken when I felt my skirts starting to rise up. The man was now roughly grinding his body against mine. He shoved me down to the ground and was immediately atop me, his knee forcing its way between my legs, spreading them to allow room for his hips to settle. I felt it then, the vile hardness. I decided I never wanted to feel anything like that again. I felt bile rise up my throat and I turned my head to the side trying to hold it down. He ground that horrible part of him against me once again, I whimpered and I immediately began to kick and scream as if hell's fire was upon me. I was not going to go down like this, I refused. My end would not come with me sniffling and cowering as if I was as helpless as a wee babe.

"Stop yer fighting ye she devil!" My captor brought his hand up and smacked my ear so hard that it began to ring. My sight went black for a brief minute before I came back to my senses. When I did it was to find that the man had begun to pull his plaid off.

It was in that moment of complete terror when I was just beginning to give up all hope of being saved and making it out of this alive, that I heard a loud thundering against the forest floor. It could have been the hooves of a half a dozen horses. I didn't know. I could only hope that it was someone who would be brave enough to save us from our horrible fate. And I tried not to believe that it may just be the companions of our attackers joining in on the plunder. 

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