He hates when you wear make up

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Drew: "hurry up babe we are going to be late" "hold up Drew I'm almost done" Drew walks in and see you putting make up on he sighs "why are putting that stuff on you look beautiful without it" he says putting his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder "Drew this stuff is make up and I look horrible without it" you laugh a he pouts "you know what you win this time one because I can't win an argument with you and two we are so freakin late" you laugh and get done then you and Drew go out and have an amazing time at the fair laughing, kissing, talking, and hugging.

Wes: You was getting ready for your date with Wes. You was putting make up on then Wes comes in and sees and he hates you wearing make up "Babe no put that up you look sexy without it" he says taking the foundation out of your hand "no Wes I need it to look pretty" you say pouting "damn it I hate when you do that (y/n) you know that is my weakness" he says and looks away he huffs "fine you can wear it this time but next time you ain't wearing it okay?" you laugh "what ever you say" when you get done you and Wes went to the movies and just played around and got kicked out of the movies.

Keaton: You was going to go to the park with Keaton. You was ready to go but Keaton was late so you decided to put make up on you was putting your eyeshadow on when Keaton comes in. "(y/n) what are you doing?" "putting make up in what does it look like?" " but why? you never really wear that" "you was running late so I decided to put some on" "but-" he was about to say something but you cut him off by kissing him "look if it makes you feel better I will take it off" you laugh "no it's ok may let's go but next time I'll make sure to be early" he laughs you playfully punch him and you two go to the park and act like little kids and get weird looks but you don't care.










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