Muffled | True Story | Raise Awareness for Tinnitus

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"Basically, the most empowering story I've ever heard someone's voice deliver to my ears scribbled at three thirty a.m.

The sole purpose: there are far worse things than not getting your way.

And that this was something ten times painful than death.

This thing was living inside of someone I've spend nights making jokes in groggy voices at nights with. Feel it. That's the sole purpose. Crawl into his skin and creep inside him.

Raise the awareness.
Tinnitus, is the name."

It would mean the world to me if you could just check out this book of mine, just released, called Muffled. It's short, prolly take three minutes but I promise it's worth it when it could possible lend some help to people thinking they're losing. 

Please spread the word, this is not a call for attention, this could be a gush of hope to someone you don't even know needs it.

much love,

you're the world to me.

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