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Pen Your Pride

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You can’t be serious?” Ro asked, watching me look through the hundredth book.

“Do I look like I am joking?” I closed yet another failure and pushed it away, pulling another book close to me.

“Audrina you are going crazy, you’ve been in here for almost 2 weeks looking for something that you probably won’t prove!”

“I have to.” I said, my mouth in a serious line. Ever since Macy told me she saw me come out of the bedroom that 1 was murdered in, I’ve been obsessed with finding an answer. I’ve read every book about shape shifters, doppelgangers, dream magic; anything that could prove I didn’t kill 1, or at least didn’t do it willingly.

“Halloween is tomorrow. Take a break. There’s a party tonight, and the talent show. Do you even know what you’re going to do?” Ro sat across from me as I flicked through the book on Double Vision.

As the rest of the girls practiced their talents I had been in here, reading. My fingers were numb and my eyes so sore I could barely keep them open at times. But even if it killed me, I would know what was going on.

“No I didn’t practice anything. Ro, do you know anything about the VSA?” I pulled out the paper from my back pocket and placed it on the table, sliding it over to her.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she studied the paper.

“Yeah, but what is this?”

“Nicholai had it after he came out of 1’s room. He dropped it.” I explained.

“Vampire Slayer Association. V.S.A” she said sliding it back to me.

“There’s a club for vampire slaying?” I asked, my voice humorous.

“Laugh all you want, but their pretty dangerous and well known. They are the largest anti-vampire group in this realm.”

“How do you know so much about them?” I asked. She laughed.

“Didn’t you pay attention in Defense?” she said referring to the class required to graduate in Vivens.

“I had mono that semester, I missed a lot of school.” I lied, not wanting to admit I slept through a majority of that class.

“So what else do you know about them?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and went over to a bookshelf, looking for a bit and came back over with a thick brown book.

“Find out yourself. I have to practice my soprano.” She said smiling and walking towards the door, singing Do Ray Me as she left.

I looked at the book with disgust. The leather binding was rotting and it looked like hell. Instead of tossing it in the fire where it belonged I opened it, surprised at the smooth touch.

“A History of Vampires – From the Hunters Point of View. Written by those of the VSA.” I read on the first page. Turning another I found the bold letters spelling “A History.”

“In the Vivens year of 1762 the Great Mother was born. For reasons unknown to the world, she hated Vampires. She took it upon herself, and used the powers she was born with, to protect those who were touched by a vampire’s darkness. Soon, she gathered an army and the VSA was born in 1780. She made it her personal mission to avenge every human death, by inflicting a horrible death on every vampire that came in her path. The army grew and after many attacks, succeeding in crossing into the Kingdoms Borders. But suddenly the Great Mother disappeared and the VSA went into hiding. Without their leaders powers they were defenseless against the thousands in the Royal army. Many believe the VSA diminished with the disappearance of their leader, but most are assured they will return.”

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