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Pen Your Pride

Chapter One

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10 minutes.
In 10 minutes, Hermione's life will change.
In 10 minutes, Hermione Granger will be become Hermione Malfoy.
In less than 10 minutes, she will be marrying the love of her life.


Hermione sat in front of the mirror, wrapped in white silk as her coffee curls were being curled, twirled, and pinned. Behind her hung a cream colored bag, hiding the most beautiful garment Hermione has ever set her eyes on. Her wedding dress.

The word wedding still sent Hermione into a fit of excitement. After four years, Hermione was finally marrying the love of her life. She would finally be able to call herself Draco Malfoy's Wife. The thought sent pleasure through her veins. Just the name of her soon to be husband made her giggle like a school girl.

"Will you please stop moving? We only have a few minutes to to finish your makeup." Ginny huffed, holding the makeup brush in her hand. With a shy blush, Hermione controlled her wiggles and allowed Ginny to finish adding final touches of soft gold over Hermione's eyelids. That paired with the light peach color of her lips, made Hermione a vision. With one glance in the mirror, She was gasping.

" looks...I look.." Hermione was speechless.

"Beautiful. Now hurry up!" The girls giggled around Hermione. Her bridesmaids, consisting of Ginny, Luna, Fleur and Lavender, were wearing floor length chiffon gowns in a beautiful royal purple. Each dress hugged the women's curves and complimented them.

Even Ginny, who's stomach protruded slightly in the dress with her growing child, looked stunning in her maid of honor gown.

Hermione stood as still as a statue, while Luna carefully and quickly did up the delicate pearl buttons that ran up the back of Hermione's wedding gown.

The gown, vintage style, was head to toe lace and hugged her waist with a silk belt, tied in a bow at the small of her back. With the dress having a high neck piece of lace, the brides hair was pulled into a elegant bun. Diamond pins sparkles throughout her hair as stars filled the night sky.

Once the buttons were finished, the shoes were on, and the veil in place, the bridal party took a step back to see the final picture, and what they saw brought tears to their eyes.

"Hermione, look so beautiful." Her teary eyed mother said, clutching a handkerchief to her heart. It had taken months, but with Draco's help, Hermione was able to help her parents regain the memory of their daughter. And because of Draco, Hermione was able to have her mother and father here with her on her wedding day.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. "Mione? Are you ready...oh my.." Her father stepped inside and his words fell off at the sight of his daughter. "You're going to make your old man cry." He chuckled nervously.

"Oh daddy, please don't cry." Seeing her parents weeping, Hermione went to her father and was instantly wrapped into a pair of warm arms. Her father always gave the warmest hugs.

Careful not to smudge her makeup, she laid her head on her father's shoulder. He smelt as he always did. Peppermint tea and short bread cookies. Giving her a tight hug, her father pressed a kiss to the top of her hair.

"It's time honey." With those words, her 10 minutes as Hermione Granger were up.


Draco stood at the alter dressed in a black suit and silver tie. His hands were trembling and he quickly shoved them into his pockets to hide it. Why was he so nervous? It was Hermione. Just the thought of Hermione made a smile spread over his face. It's been four years, and Hermione was still saving him every day.

After the war and the death of his father, Draco had gone through a dark time. Nightmares had terrorized him every night and it affected Draco in the day. He wasn't sleeping and for the longest time, Draco had been a shell of guilt and fear. But Hermione was there. Like always, she had chased away his darkness and reminded him just how warm the light was. After that, he knew that Hermione and him would get through anything.

The sounds of the piano broke Draco from his memories. He looked up to see that the guests had taken their seats and caught a glimpse of his mother sitting in the front row. When they made eye contact, Narcissa gave him a reassuring smile. Despite their pasts, Draco and his mother have grown close over the years. Again because of Hermione.

The bridal party, each took their turn walking down the aisle, arm and arm with one of Draco's groomsmen. Once everyone took their places, the music began.

Their guests stood as the French doors opened. Draco's breath caught when he saw Hermione step forward, on her father's arm. With a bouquet of calla lilies clutched in one hand, Hermione took a step onto the aisle and their eyes met. Once her chocolate met his grey, they were done for.

Everything around Hermione faded away, as she made her way to the man she loved. The sight of him there, standing in a suit waiting for her, took her breath away. He was still as gorgeous as he was the day she met him. If it were possible, she would say that he's become more beautiful. There's a light in his grey eyes that for the longest time, was absent. But that's all changed now.

Before she knew it, Hermione was standing in front of Draco as her father kissed her cheek and placed her hand in Draco's. As her father gave her away, Draco took in appearance. Draped in vintage lace with the veil around her head like a halo, made Hermione seem like the Angel he believed she was more and more.

Folding her arm into his, Draco snuck a glance at Hermione. What he found was her warm chocolate eyes already peeking at him. A big smile took over his face and he quickly pressed a kiss to her cheek. There was a soft 'awe' from their guests. With that, their ceremony began.


Hermione leaned into Draco's hand, as his thumb gently brushed away her stray tear. She had started to tear up when Draco read, with a few nervous stutters, his vows to her. Now was the moment she had been dreaming of since the day he slid the ring on her finger.

Hermione was so moved, she almost missed Draco pronounced the two simple words that would change her life. "I do."

Overcome with happiness, another stray tear of joy slipped down her cheek. "Hermione Granger do you-" the reverent began but she cut him off with a "yes! I do."

Laughs echoed throughout their guests but Hermione didn't care. She was too happy to. Draco's smile lit up the room.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now-" Draco pulled Hermione against him and sealed his lips over hers in a passionate kiss. "Go on kissing the bride."

The guests clapped and cheered, but the couple didn't seem to hear them. They were too caught up in each other. Hermione's arms wrapped around Draco's broad shoulders as he dipped her, never breaking their loving kiss. That got a reaction from the audience.

"Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy."

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