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A/N this is one will be sad

"Gerald, the police are trying to find you." "Why?!" My brother asked me." Bro, you know why. You murdered my boyfriend." "I didn't mean to! It was an accident." "How do you kill somebody on accident?" "Luke was sitting on the edge of the balcony, then I scared the living shit out of him then he fell four stories down and died." Gerald said running his hand through his hair." Once the police find you, they're going to kill you or arrest you. This is horrible on your records G! Why did you kill him?" "I said I didn't mean to!!!" He screamed at me.

We heard sirens, our brother James ran into the room," The police are here, hide!" Gerald his in the basement where one of our moms had died. No one ever goes in there anymore. It smells like drugs and death, but mostly drugs because of how much she took." Y/n go! You're the witness they could kill you too." "I didn't see what happened all I heard was Gerald yell and something fall." "They're going to shoot who ever is in their way. Now go." James said. I sighed before nodding and ran off. James sat down in a chair casually reading a book.

The police knocked down the door," Where are they?! Where's Gerald Gillum and Y/N Gillum?!" James casually looked up," I don't know." "Get out right now!" "Nope." "I said the hell out." The police dude said shoving him out. The police went to where Gerald was and G ran out of the house. I quickly ran out as soon as I saw him go." Get back here." A man said as I sprinted out the door.

Police were now shooting, I was kneeling behind a car away from the police, Gerald was hiding behind a different car. James was sitting in the cement crying. Other people were trying to hide because the police were acting fucking crazy. We tried to tell them the death of my boyfriend was an accident but they were just like," Stop lying." And all that shit." Get away from the cars now!" A man yelled shooting at the car I was hiding behind. I flinched and yelled," Never bitches." I threw a bomb over my shoulder and it blew up once it hit the police. I ran away from the car and the police starting to shoot.

I was about to hide behind another car but I felt something hit my chest. I fell to the ground, blood spilled out of my chest non-stop." Y/N no!" Gerald screamed before running to me. The police raised their guns ready to shoot him." Wait don't shoot!" James screamed going in front of them with his hands up in defensive.

Gerald held me in his arms," I love you little sis." He cried." I love you too bro. Don't forget me." "Why would I ever forget you?" "Just in case, take this picture." I gave him a picture of when we were younger." I love you a lot. Stay strong and carry on without me." "We will." He started to cry," Bro please don't cry, it'll make me cry." I said putting my weak hand on to cheek." You're so handsome Gerald. Just please, stay happy. Smile for me." He forced a smile, I smiled back before my eyes closed. Gerald started sobbing." You dumb ass police officers."

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