Chapter 10 ~ Mr. Goodman ~

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Chapter 10 ~ Mr. Goodman ~

“Ah, what's this lovely lady's name?” I lowered my gaze to the floor, shying away from Mr. Goodman's scrutinizing eyes.

“Answer him.” I shifted to the side, not noticing how close Master Carthwrite was.

“Brandy, sir.” Looking up at him through my lashes, I admired his fine black tuxedo, pure milky white dress shirt, and pitch black dress shoes.

“Oh, please call me 'Blake', Brandy.” His voice was soft and kind, yet authoritative. I looked to Master Carthwrite to see if he'd tell me to call him Mr. Goodman like I had to for Mr. Crowley, but he just tipped his head in a slight nod to me. Shifting my gaze back to Blake Goodman's, I almost jumped in fright.

They're eyes; exactly the same. Not even a shade difference. My eyes moved back and forth between the two men, but they didn't seem to notice. Blake's grey hair was slicked back, but there were still a few brown hair's left. I looked for any other similarities, but all I couldn't find any more.

“You must be taken with her well enough to name her after your favorite drink, huh Michael?” I froze, as did Master Carthwrite. He quickly covered his stiffness with a cough and let out a stiff laugh.

“Never, though, the name just happened to fit her.”

“How so?” Blake gave me a confused look, but I ignored it and waited for Master Carthwrite to answer his question.

“She's like a bottle of brandy. Some are good, some are bad. I would say she's like a bitter brandy though.” My eyebrows scrunched together and I clamped my teeth together. I knew there was a bad reason behind him calling me Brandy.

“Well I don't think she's a bitter brandy.” Blake smiled at me kindly, a few wrinkles forming around his cheeks.

“You don't even know her!” Master Carthwrite growled.

“Are you saying you do Michael?”

“I'm her owner! I know a fair more than you do!” He barked angrily. His nostrils flared as he glared down at me. I shrunk against his gaze and looked at the floor dejectedly.

“Really? Pray tell me, where's she from? What's her birthday? Any family?” Blake questioned, watching me instead of Master Carthwrite. I squirmed under his gaze. Master Carthwrite was angry, no, he was furious.

“Don't you dare patronize me! Don't forget your place.” The venom in his voice didn't even make Blake flinch, but had me shaking in my chair.

“Do you dare to make yourself to be higher than I? I think you forget your own place, son.” Blake retorted with ease. “You may have power over her, but not over me.” Blake turned to me and smiled. “Brandy, I formally invite you to a party at my house.” My eyes widened. A party?

“She will not be attending. She doesn't deserve to go to such a party.” Master Carthwrite practically growled at him.

“She will attend. I'll be seeing you tomorrow Brandy. I will send a dress for her. You may choose to join her or stay here and sulk. Oh, do invite Jack.” With a tip of his head and a 'good'ay', he left. I held my breath, watching Master Carthwrite's furious eyes meet mine. Within a blink of an eye, he held my neck tightly in his hand.

“We will attend this party, but you will stay by my side from the moment we enter and till we exit.” He picked me up by my neck and shoved me roughly towards the door. “Now go.”

My jittery hands struggled to open the door but they kept slipping. A sigh behind me had me jumping. His chest rubbed against my back as he reached around and opened the door.

“Don't forget Syrup.” The door slammed in my face, just lightly hitting my nose. My whole body was shaking as I made my way down the hall to the kitchen.

“What's wrong child? Your face is as white as a sheet!” Plopping down in a chair, I shook my head. I knew why I was shaking badly, but it didn't need to be announced to Gretta. My heart pounded in my ears as I watched the doorway of the kitchen, expecting Master Carthwrite to come through the door and beat me.

After staring at the door for two hours, my body started to relax.

“Drink this dear.” I took the steaming cup of tea and took a sip, ignoring how it burned my tongue.

“Brandy! Brandy!” The cup fell out of my hands and hit the floor with a loud shattering sound.

“I'm so sorry.” I cried, rushing to grab a towel. My knees smacked against the floor and my hands hurried to mop up the warm liquid.

“Stop, child. It's alright, go lay down. I'll clean it up.” Gretta pulled me off the floor.


“No excuses. You need to rest. Meena, help Brandy to her room.” Meena grabbed my hand, bouncing excitedly. Her green eyes were lit up with joy.

“Guess what Brandy?” I took a breath.

“What Meena?”

“I get to go to a party! Master Crowley said that a nice man invited both of us to a party and that you were coming too!” She swung my arm to and fro while skipping by my side. I stopped; her hand pulled on mine, sending a shock of pain up my arm. Clenching my teeth, I let myself get use to the pain.

“Meena, I want you to listen to me. When you arrive at the party, don't leave Master Crowley's side. We don't know the other men and they could be like the guards back in that prison. I don't want you to get hurt.” She stared at me wide eyed.

“You mean they're gonna hurt me?” Her voice shook and her bottom lip jutted out; eyes about ready to spill over.

“Master Crowley will protect you. Just make sure you stay by him.”

“Okay?” She seemed unsure, but gave me a smile. “Master Crowley is buying me a dress!” She jumped up and down. “But I don't know what a dress is. Master Crowley said that it was something you wear.”

“It is. See my skirt? It's like this but it's longer and the top is connected with the skirt. It's kind of hard to explain, but you'll see one tomorrow.” She nodded excitedly.

“I can't wait.”

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