Chapter 4- Meet Abir

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Myra sat down in first period the next day, science. She thumped her head on the desk. She was exhausted. She had stayed up later than she should've finishing homework, and was now paying the price. 

"Late night?" a voice asked.

She smiled. It was her best friend, Abir. A lot of girls found it weird that her best friend was a guy, but she had known him since kindergarten. They had stuck together because they were the only non-white kids in their kindergarten class. Abir was middle-eastern, and Myra was, of course, Indian.

She looked up at him and smiled wide, batting her eyelashes. "Can I ask you a favor?"

He grinned in amusement. "Depends on what the favor is."

"Can I copy your math homework?"

He snorted. "Come on, Myra. You're better than this."

"Please?" she pleaded. "I was up until midnight getting everything else done. Math just didn't happen."

He looked at her suspiciously. "And what do I get in return?"

"Um...a cookie?"

"Deal," he said immediately, pulling out his binder quickly. Myra laughed at his speed.

Bryn sat down on the other side of Abir sleepily. "Abir, how can you possibly have this much energy this early in the morning?" she asked grumpily.

Myra and Abir were lab partners, and on the other side of them were Bryn and Ardith. Bryn and Abir had four classes together, so they saw each other almost half the day.

Abir pushed his math homework to Myra, who began to copy it. He turned to Bryn and started talking about something that had happened in Language Arts the day before. Bryn grunted a few times.

Myra laughed. "Not much of a morning person, huh Bryn?"

Bryn chuckled. "What tipped you off?"

"Wild guess." Myra grinned.

Just then, Abir's phone buzzed. He took it out of his pocket, glanced at it, and frowned. "How the heck...?"

Myra looked up, curious. "Who is it?"

Abir deleted the text from his phone. "Not important."

Myra frowned. "Abir..." she said slowly.

"It's not important," he stressed. He looked upset and concerned.

Bryn looked up curiously.

Myra pursed her lips. He only had that face when it was on one subject. "Was it about me?"

Abir hesitated.

"Who was it?" she demanded.

He sighed. "Dallas," he muttered. "I don't know how he got my number. I'll block him later."

Myra suddenly felt lightheaded. How on earth had Dallas gotten Abir's number? Sure, everyone knew they were friends, but Abir didn't text many people. And the people he did text, he trusted.

"Who's Dallas?" Bryn asked quietly.

Abir hesitated again. "It's not a big deal," he said quickly. He looked at Myra, concerned. "Hey, are you alright? You're shaking."

Myra looked at her hands. Sure enough, they were. She clenched them into fists. "What did he say?" she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

Abir looked down, not answering.

Myra looked at him. "What did he say?" she repeated, a bit louder.

He sighed. "He said, 'tell that bitch Myra to unblock me or I'll make her life a living hell.' That's what he said."

Myra shut her eyes tightly. "Oh my god."

Bryn gasped, but didn't say anything.

"Look, don't unblock him, whatever you do," Abir said urgently. "That will only make things worse. He's screwed in the brain, but you have the upper ground here. Don't give in."

Myra nodded, trying to steady her breath. She opened her eyes. "Okay. This will be fine. He can't do anything to me."

"Darn right he can't," Abir said firmly. He gave her a side hug. "Don't worry, Myra. I got your back."

"Same," Bryn added. "Even though I'm not 100% sure what's going on."

Myra and Abir laughed. Myra smiled. "Thanks, you guys," she whispered.


Myra stepped into the raucous house cautiously. Her parents, ever the social ones, strode in with confidence to greet their friends. She slipped into the hallway and slowly started making her way to where it looked like there was food. She had been in Rohan's house plenty of times before. Now, all she had to do was avoid Rohan.



She turned around, smiling wide. "Rohan! I was looking for you!"

He grinned. "Yeah! Welcome to the party!" He leaned in close and whispered in her ear. "In my personal opinion, there are way too many adults here."

She nodded politely.

He drew back. "You look beautiful," he commented.

"Thanks," she replied idly. She hadn't even tried. She was wearing a simple dress and the bare minimum of makeup. She could have worn it to school and no one would have questioned it. Her mom had tried to persuade her to dress up a little nicer, but she wasn't feeling it. She was kind of upset. She almost got to go to the set today, but Lara (the assistant director) called last minute and said they were having an issue with the cameras. So here she was.

Her phone buzzed. "Oh," she laughed, "I forgot to turn that on silent. My bad." She reached into her purse and pulled it out. It was from Gabriel. It read, "just broke 1k followers on insta! Ha! XD". Myra grinned. They had a running competition on Instagram followers. She had been beating Gabriel this morning at 994. She was going to have to ask her small group of fans to spread the word. She could start a hashtag on twitter... 

Rohan cleared his throat. "Would you, uh, like something to drink?"

Myra looked up from her phone. "Oh! Yes, please, that would be lovely." He nodded and walked away.

Myra looked back at her phone and replied to Gabriel. She typed, "nooo! Oh, it is so on." She smiled as she pressed send. She was thinking about letting the fans know about the competition once the advertising for The Club Wars picked up. Then, the fans would be into the rivalry before they saw the movie about a similar rivalry. She'd run the idea by the marketing director the next time she went in.

Just then, Rohan returned with some punch. "You like Hawaiian punch, right? I know you prefer lemonade, but this is all they had, so..."

"It's totally fine!" she said, slipping her now silent phone back into her purse. How did he remember that? She couldn't recall telling anyone. 

She looked back up, her hand about to receive the punch, when she froze. Her eyes widened.

No. He couldn't be here.

She recognized that stocky build, long blonde hair, and football t-shirt.

"Rohan," she said as calmly as she could, "did you invite that boy?"

Rohan turned around and saw who Myra was looking at. He looked surprised. "No. I think I've seen him around school though." He frowned. "Why is he here? That's so weird."

Myra closed her eyes, her breath coming out faster and faster.

It was Dallas, and he was looking for her.

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