Chapter 32- Doctor

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Melody's POV

I run past the front desk and straight to the room that Tyler messaged me. This cant be happening. How could this happen so fast? I know I was mad at him but I still love him and I can't lose him.

Not like this. Not after leaving him sad and alone. Not after telling him he lost me. He would never lose me. I love him.

I slam my finger repeatedly against the elevator button until it opens. I wait for it to go up.

Everything feels like it's in slow motion.

I run out the elevator and turn to see Tyler and Brandon sitting in the silver chairs outside the hospital door, they both look worried.

Tyson's foster parents are there too. Bobo is rubbing Ting Tong's back as she has her face in her hands, sobbing.

They all turn to me when they hear my footsteps running towards them, "Is he okay? Tell me he is okay." I say, tears starting to fall down my cheeks.

"Tell me he is okay." I whisper. He has to be okay.

Jackson shakes his head, "Melody, he is not waking up." he explains.

I lean against the white wall of the hospital and slide down to the floor, suddenly feeling like I can't breath. I try to blink away the tears that are blurring my vision but they refuse to go away.

This isn't real. It can't be. It's not. I don't want it to be. It won't be the same without him. I can't lose him. I've tried not talking to him and it was hell, there is no way I could survive him not waking up.

A doctor in a white coat walks out the room, looking down at his board. "Please tell us he is okay." Ting Tong begs the doctor.

The doctor looks at us sadly, "I'm sorry. There is nothing left for us to do. He lost too much blood from the accident. He didn't make it." the doctor explains.

A stare at the doctor, shaking my head. No. No. No. No. Please, no. It can't be real. Tyson is supposed to be my happily ever after. He can't be gone.

I get up from the door and walk to the hospital room door. I have to see him. "I'm sorry ma'am, you can't go in there." the doctor states.

"No!" I scream, "He is not dead. Tyson is not dead! He's fine! You're lying! He's not dead! He is in there and he is fine and he is alive and his heart is still beating and..." my heart falls to peices, "He's not gone. He can't leave me."

Tyson was never mine. I was crazy about him and I loved him and we fought but I never stopped loving him. He can't be gone.

I turn to face Tyson's foster parents and both of them are crying. Ting Tong is bawling her eyes out and Bobo as silently shaking, tears dripping down his cheeks.


"Please, just let me see him. Just once." I beg. The doctor purses his lips and nods, stepping out the way and letting me through the door.

I see Tyson lying on the hospital bed. The top of his head is covered in a bandage. I look at the heart rate monitor and it's a completely straight line across the screen. The long, monotoned 'beep' of the monitor is ringing through my ears.

I run to Tyson and take his hand in mine, squeezing it. "Please... Wake up." I beg.

I'll give anything to see his smirk or hear his laugh and his voice or even to sit and watch Disney movies with him.

My lip quivers as my heart sinks. It's real. I was hoping to see Tyson in here smiling and okay but he is not.

Tyson is dead.

He's gone.



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