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      hey guys so for a few chapters it will be Miranda nd Adrianna P.O.V. 

*slight strong sexual content*


        *following week*


   My alarm goes off. Dammit I'm tired Raven has had me out back to back. I roll outta bed and put on sweatpant with a v-neck. I pull my hair up its curly cus i washed it last night. I put on my nikey sides with black socks. Whoa I'm matching now I know I'm tired. Whatever. I drive to school but stop to pick up some coffee. I get there and text Nicole a good morning. I walk to my locker  and see Miranda. She looks so sexy I swear I wanna fuck her where she stands. She has her hair in a high ponytail. She was wearing a         high-waisted black skirt red crop top  and red vans. Her makeup consisted of red lip stick and black eyeliner. Fuck my hormones. She was talking to Izzy. I walk up.

"Hey babes" she says running up to hug me. I accept it even though my body hurt like a mothafucka. I had a hit last night but this asshole put up a fight. Had slammed me into something but I stabbed them in the side then popped em in the head.

"Hey" I simply say. She pulls away and pulls me over to Izzy. I look at her ass while she walks. Damn I need some sex I'll call Nicole later.

      In my fourth period I went to sleep. I was awaken by a loud ass ruler slapping my desk.

"Ms. Valentine it is not nap time now can u go to the board nd answer those last three problems." Ms. Howard scolds. I wipe my face and look at the problems. Okay I knew the answers. I walked up simply answered all of them and walked back.

"Damn snowflake actually got a brain up dere" Derek one of the class clowns. They snicker.

"I may not have a brain but I do have a head that i like to give ask ya girl" slipped out my mouth like venom. Instantly the class laughed but got quiet when Derek shot them a look. He looked back at me with pure hatred. I turned red and looked down. Dammit I knew these kills would start turning me back how I was. I put my head down. The bell rings indicating lunch. Great I go to find Randy .  She is actually waiting outside my class. On my way out Derek catches me.

"That shit you used today wont funny bitch" He says pushing me back in class. I wanted to swing but I fought it. He pushed my again harder making me fall.

"Yo bitch put ya hands on ha again my dude and that yo ass" She says walking in

"Bit-oohh hey Miranda I was uh playing with her ya no we cool Ima go"he says. I burst out laughing it scares Miranda though cuz she jumps.

"Whats so funny"She asks.

"he such a pussy" I say giggling. Miranda laughed too. She helps me get my stuff and leave. We go to McDonald's.  After we order I sit and eat.

"Adrian do you love Nicole" Miranda asks. I choke on my soda.

"Huh?"I ask.

"Do you love Nicole"She ask again eating a fry.

"No I mean I love her as a person not in love with her" I say.

"Oh okay"she says and eats her food. She gets up. What is with her today? Ever since that kiss she been acting funny.

"Randy what was that kiss last week about"I ask instantly regretting it.

"I had been drinking so I guess I did that"she says looking down. She had been avoiding eye contact.

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