Picture of Lucy-------->

~Annabelle’s POV~

I screamed at the top of my lungs, terrified of whoever had snuck into my house. The figure jumped back, its hands moving to cover what I think was its ears. I was too busy being terrified to care.

“Geez! Don’t kill me with your screams! I’m not going to kill you!” A voice I recognized yelled over us. I stopped screaming and just sat there staring at the spot the figure had been. It or He was gone, and then the lights flicked on. I spun around to find a very annoyed Josh, Lucy’s older brother, staring at us like he was ready to kill us. I looked at Lucy right when she turned to me. I knew the look in her eyes, and before Josh could react I let out a war cry. Lucy was ahead of me, already tackling Josh to the ground, while I grabbed his ankles, making sure he couldn’t move. He let out a grunt in reply, trying to escape his sister’s grasp. I sat on his knees, making his task impossible. Two 18 year old girls were just enough weight to keep him immobile. It didn’t matter he wasn’t very strong anyway. He’s more the cute nerdy little brother type anyway. I didn’t even realize I had been laughing until I couldn’t breathe. I stopped laughing only to find the funniest sight. Lucy had Josh’s cheeks pinched, pulling on the skin making him look like a squirrel. His expression didn’t help, wide-eyed and eyebrows raised he was shocked at the events of the past second. I cracked up at it, only making my stomach hurt worse.

“wuld yuh guhs lut meh guu?” He asked, speaking funny. I understood what he meant, and stood up. Lucy wasn’t finished though.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak chipmunk, what was that?” She replied grinning from ear to ear. I rolled my eyes and watched as he struggled to speak right.

“Luciee, off pwease?” He spoke slowly, testing to make sure he sounded slightly normal. Lucy sighed before standing up.

“I was hoping he couldn’t find the right words. You win this time Captain Chipmunk Cheeks!” She bellowed out the ending, trying to contain her laughter. I swear this girl thinks she’s a comedian! I rolled my eyes as I was tackled onto the sofa. I grunted and started kicking. I felt my foot hit flesh, and a grunt came from Josh before he fell into the floor. Apparently his shin can’t take a punch. I sat up and looked over the couch at him. His face was flushed, and he was glaring up at me while I smiled back sheepishly. What can I say? Cat-like reflexes?

“Sorry Josh, I forgot you can’t take a punch for a second. Even I know I didn’t even kick you that hard.” Okay maybe that was a lie, but he didn’t know that, only I did. Can I say I don’t feel guilty? He deserved it for scarring me. I had thought it was a murder. We waited until he could sit up properly before sitting him on the couch and letting him return to his normal facial color. Then the interrogation began.

“Why did you scare us?”

“I thought it would be funny, not painful.”

“Why didn’t you knock on the door?”

“I did, and when you didn’t answer, I found the door was unlocked.”

“What is your problem?”

“One problem or all of them? Well, my sister is annoying, her best friend likes to call me nerdy, and...” Lucy cut him off before the list got too long, we don’t need his life story here!

“Why didn’t you yell at us instead? You must’ve known it would be less painful.”

“I didn’t think to at the time, I was in a rush and you guys were distracted by whatever you were looking at.”

“Okay I’m done here, Josh next time you scare me like that you going to have hair missing, try a backwards Mohawk.” I spoke as I walked out of the room. I was tired and I needed some sleep. Lucy screamed a bye as the left, locking the door behind them.

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