I’m in Love with my Fairy Godfather

Chapter XX: The Fairy Godfather is…

I don't think that anyone truly understands the meaning of humiliation until they're standing outside in the freezing North Dakota weather, dressed in their beautiful (and expensive) evening gown, waiting for the home-coming date they know has stood them up...

Ma had come out with a karaf of hot water, some hot cocoa packets, and one of our white-and-red checkered coffee mugs, and had placed them on the table by the porch swing as a silent offering. By the time six-thirty rolled around, I was already well into my second mug of hot cocoa. And even if he had said that he would be there at five - and Darren wasn't known to be late - I still found myself glued to that porch swing, gently swinging back and forth, waiting for him to roll into our driveway.

It was our senior home-coming. Next to senior prom, home-coming was the biggest dance held by our school. Everyone went, whether they had a date or not. But you were certainly considered hot shit if you walked through the door with a date on your arm. I was one of the few who actually didn't want to attend. Originally, the only reason I would be attending at all was because of Darren. But now, as I sat alone on my porch, snow slowly falling down around me... I realized that I wanted to go.

With a sigh, I set the mug of hot cocoa down and started to twirl my promise band around my left ring finger. He'd bought it for me when his family was vacationing in California last summer. The different colors glimmered beneath our dull porch lights, making it look like a stained glass window. Until now, I had never taken it off. Now, I wrenched it off of my finger and tossed it out as far as the wind would carry it. It landed in a pond beneath the old oak tree, bubbles rising to the surface as it sank.

The grandfather clock in our living-room chimed seven times, signalling that it was now seven o' clock. The dance would be starting now. Darren had, once again, let me down. If this was what love was supposed to feel like, then I wanted no part of it. The wind blew all around me, bitterly cold. I rubbed my arms to try and maintain some heat, but it didn't do much. Then I realized that the beautiful cerulean skies had been replaced by an endless sea of black. And there was the North Star.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight..." I recited the words of the old poem. "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!"

Everything suddenly became eerily silent. It was like the entire world had come to a standstill, waiting for me to make my wish. I took a breath and held it, unsure of how to go on... or even if I should. What was I thinking, making wishes on stars? Those wishes only came true in the movies - and those, at best, were horribly cliche. But somehow, I felt a subtle push that beckoned me to make my desires known. Who was I to disappoint?

I closed my eyes and whispered, "I wish that I had a date to home-coming!"

It all happened so quickly after that. I felt a sudden burst of wind carry my blonde curls backward, before the speed of the wind increased and almost knocked me off of my feet. For some reason, I felt inclined to turn around. And there, beneath the old oak tree, where I had thrown my ring, was a boy. He wasn't much older than myself, I'd say, and his long blond hair was drenched and dripping. When he saw me, he smiled. And then, reaching behind his back, he pulled out a... was that a wand?

"Your wish has been... granted."

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