Chapter 37

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Previously in Dark& Dangerous Love:

Zayn was cursed, and a part of her felt sorry for him…

“Could there be any humanity left in him?” Evelyn unintentionally whispered to herself.

“Left in who?” The sudden new voice startled Evelyn, and her blood ran cold.



“Left in who?” A new voice said from behind, and almost immediately, Evelyn looked over her shoulder to stare at Scarlett, standing at the end of the room, by the door carrying a tray of fruit.

“Scarlett, don’t you know you should knock and ask for entrance before you just waltz in without permission?”

The redhead rolled her eyes and sarcastically knocked the door three times. “May I come in?”

Evelyn pressed her lips into a firm line of displease and annoyance. Out of all of her servants, Scarlett was the one with the least amount of manors and care. She walks around without a care in the world and often acts like a child. At times like those, Evelyn wondered why the hell did Zayn hire her, or even allow her to stay in the Palace; surely she would have gotten into some sort of trouble.

Then again, looking at Scarlett’s flaming red hair, seductive full lips and radiantly perfect skin, Evelyn could think of more ways than one for Zayn to keep Scarlett in the palace. The way that Scarlett spoke of Zayn, the idea of the two sleeping together had long crossed Evelyn's mind, but she never had the nerve of asking either one of them.

“Come in.” Evelyn answered after a short pause.

Scarlett just rolled her eyes once more before belligerently walked over to Evelyn and placing the tray of fruits onto her bed. “Bree thought you and Lady Alice might get hungry, dinner will be served in an hour or so… Would you like to dine in the grand dining room or here?”

“Here please,” Evelyn replied without hesitance.

Scarlett just rolled her eyes once again and let out a small chuckle. “Useless of me asking, you always eat in your room.”

“What’s that suppose to be?” Evelyn snapped, for the first time since she met the redhead firecracker, Evelyn was truly annoyed and fed up of the snippy remarks and subtle digs. “I like to be alone in my room, is that a problem to you?”

“No, it’s not, but you’re always in here. I bet that you haven’t even seen most of the Palace haven’t you? Have you even met some of the other vampires who live here beside from Zayn and Harry?”

“There are other vampires who live in the Palace?” Evelyn questioned.

“Yes, of course there are, there are hundreds of seasonal residents here in the Palace. If Zayn was the only one who actually lives here then I wouldn’t be so busy all the time wouldn’t I?”


“But how have you only met Harry and Zayn? Well, they were told to stay away from you. Zayn has feelings for you; everybody knows that; he’s in love with you. You may not love him back, but he does care about you more than you could imagine… He knows how much you hate his kind, so he ordered every other vampire in the palace to stay as far from you as they can; unless you want to talk to them…” She sighed. “Pity he’s wasting his love on you.”

“What are you trying to say?” Evelyn replied with an unexpected infuriation in her voice.

“I’m trying to say that you don’t deserve him, you don’t know how many girls would kill to be in your position, just to have him to look at her for one moment!” Scarlett hissed. “It’s like you see a completely different side of him to the rest of us. You’re so stubborn don’t you know that? Zayn would do anything for you if you want him to, why can’t you accept his love instead of hurting him?”

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