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The Salvatore's Own my Heart (fan Fic)

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-Chapter 1-

-Is love possible after your heart shatters?-

-narrated by; Nicole "Nikki" Treviono-

"Dear Diary," I read aloud to myself in my dark room. 

"Today, I met him. The man of my dreams." I read off of the computer screen, thinking of him.His name was Damon. We had know eachother for about two years now, but we never got to spend much time togther since I went to school in a whole different state.He had eyes like the bluest ocean, hair darker than black; if that's even possible, skin as tan as a cougar's pelt,and a voice that would make your heart skip just by him saying your name. He was pure perfection.That's when I felt eyes on me from behind. Scared it was my mother, upset that I was up this late on a school night, I freaked and clicked off of my diary and jumped into bed. When I looked back at my bedroom door, there seemed to be a man standing there, watching me with eyes filled with fire and such heat that they made me feel warm inside and I smiled. His eyes seemed to burn a very bright blue that reminded me of Damon.I got scared a bit and started to walk to the corner where he was standing. 

"Hello? Your eyes are very beautiful and bright." I say softly afraid I may have made a grave mistake. That's when the man's eyes closed and the bright light that came from him was gone. I reached forward and felt only the cold wall under my finger tips. Happy to be proven wrong,I walked back to my bed. As soon as my eyes shut, I seemed to faal asleep quickly, though I wish I hadn't. 

"Hey, Nik." My friend Lizzy called down the hall as I entered the school the next morning. Her short tight blonde curls bowncing and her pale skin shined, she was in a great mood and it seemed to radiate into me. I let it flow into me and over come the dark dream that I had last night. 

"Hey Liz, how are you today?"I ask trying to sound cheery and happy, even though I was horribly scarred by my dream. Lizzy nodded that she was great and then looked behind me, watching something in an adoring way. I turned and instantly couldn't breath. It was him, Damon.He walked slowly, hands in his pockets, dark sunglasses and wearing all black, he looked as if he walked right off of the set of a movie. 

"He's the hottest thing since sliced bread." lizzy says seriously, making me laugh. He came right up to me and slid his glasses down and off of his nose to slide them into his locker, that happened to be next to mine. 

"You have a beautiful laugh,Nicole.It's been so long I've almost forgotten how beautiful you are." Damon says sweetly with his heavenly voice, making me blush and suddenly forget my combanation to my locker.I smile and hit my locker's bottom right corner, hearing it click to unlock. He smiles too and I nearly faint.

"Thanks Damon."I say sweetly, blushing and sliding my hair behind one ear. He smiles holding books in one hand, waving me to follow him down the opposite hall and reaching up to my cheek.

"Your eyes are beautiful, Nicole. You shouldn't hide them with your hair."He says sweetly while he slides the other side of my hair behind my ear,giving me goosebumps from the slightest touch of his skin on mine. I turn to Lizzy and she waves me to follow him, happily. 

"Thanks Damon, your eyes are pretty too. I don't think I've ever seen a blue so beautiful."I say softly as we enter our first class. Advanced English. He smiles his dazzling smile once more before we sit down.

"Well thank you for gracing all of us with your presences, Ms.Treviono,Mr.Salvatore." Our teacher, Mrs. Calner says as we take our seats. We smile at eachother before looking to her. Her soft green eyes and bright red hair reminded me of Derek and my dream. I shake the memory off and smile back at her.

"Seeing that Ms.Treviono has the urge to come late, maybe she can act out Act Two of The other Woman. Ms. Calihan, you pick the male leading role." She says looking from me to Lizzy, handing me a book and pointing me to the front of the class.Lizzy smiles at me, letting me know she already knows who to pick.

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