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Each chapter is a ONESHOT. They are NOT related unless specified.

There are x reader pairings for different characters, too. It's been stated in the description AND the chapter title specifies which pairing. So please refrain from commenting, "but wait, I thought I was dating. . ." Chapters with no pairing, like this one, will have no name in the title.

Sorry for the tedious note, but it's been about three years and people still get confused. I don't know how I can make it anymore clearer. 

Happy reading!

. . .

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Clint, Sam, Y/N, Bucky, Peter, Wanda, Scott, Nat.

Steve: Does everyone remember the rules?

Peter: Yes, I do :)

Steve: Well kid, the others aren't as behaved as you so I'm just going to go over them again.

Scott: Awww c'mon. We're not kids.

Bucky: Recite them for Sam. He is IMMATURE LIKE A CHILD.

Sam: And for Bucky. You know how bad his hearing is. PREHISTORIC LIL SHIT.

Y/N: Seriously, Clint might not have heard you the first time.

Clint: What are we talking about?

Steve: I'm going grey because of you guys. Remember: Stick with who you are assigned with! That is: Sam and Bucky. Clint and Y/N. Scott and Nat. Wanda and Peter. Do not take off your disguises! Behave, we don't want people freaking out that we're Avengers. We're here to have a good time.

Wanda: You would have made a great kindergarten teacher.

Sam: Why am I paired with Bucky?

Y/N: You want us to not draw attention and yet you pair the ones who are most likely to do so.

Nat: Bad pairing Steve.

Steve: It's too late to change it now! The Zoo closes at 4pm. We will all meet at the entrance at 3:30, okay?

Scott: I am a grown man. With a daughter. Why do I feel like I'm being parented?

Clint: Because you are.

Scott: I don't mind though. You're amazing, Steve.


Scott: I don't know what you're talking about!

Nat: Phil's title is being challenged.

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