Chapter 9

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I feel like the weight was lifted off from my shoulder as I looked at my brother's grave. Kells hugged me from behind. I wiped some tears from my cheek. I love my brother so much. I know he is with my parents right now. I hope he is happy.

"He won't like to see you cry, angel" Kells said turning me around to face him. "I can't help it... I love him so much" I said then wrapped my arms around him. He hugged me back.

"You're right, I was such a coward. I don't even say goodbye to him. He was died because of me.. ." I mumbled to his chest.

"Don't say that, Selene. Now you're here and promise me you won't run away again also it is not your fault" Kells told me. I looked up to see his eyes and indeed he tell the truth.

I wiped my tears and turned again to Shiloh's grave. There is so many things I want to share with you, my brother. I thought in my mind.

With one last glance , I took kells hand and began to walked out from the cemetery.


"Are you hungry ?" Kells asked me when we both driving in his car. I shooked my head and look outside the window. There is not many difference than before I left.

"You seems sad. I told you its not your fault. The sooner you accept the truth then its better" Kells told me again.

"I know" I answered shortly.

"You know I was thinking about visit my old friend" I said suddenly. Kells face turned to me for few seconds then look to the front again as he driving.

"Yeah why not ? But I have to go somewhere tonight... I'll ask Clara to accompany you" he said.

"What !!? No !!!" I glared at him.

"Clara or you won't ever leave the house" Kells calmly told me. I sigh in defeat. "Yeah right" I replied. I really missed my friends Gia and Leo also Ben, Mr and Mrs Murphy. I hope I could see them again.

"Good girl" Kells muttered.

This make me smile. Only small compliment from him is enough. Without him say anything, I know what we feels are more than love ...


Machine Gun Kelly

After I dropped off Selene at house, I immediately went to the warehouse in the other side of the town.

When I walked out from my car, Ace was there to greet me. I nodded at him. He just capture Lenox's right hand named Louis. Sounds like a girl's name for all I care.

When I arrived at the basement Louis already beaten up by some of my men. His bloods sputtered everywhere in the room. I smirked. When he saw me he looked like he saw his death cause he's struggling to get free from the chair he sat on. He was tied to a chair very tight though.

"Yeah Louis Girl, I am your Reaper, are you ready to face me?" I asked in playful tone. Five of my men laughing behind Louis while Ace stood behind me.

"Please MGK , I am so sorry. Its all Lenox's. I only did it because Lenox threatened me... Please... Let me live" he choked his own words. I laughed.

"Yeah you're right, maybe its all Lenox's" I said. He breath sigh of relief.

"Now tell me, where the hell he is hiding with his men and I might spare your life" I said.

He glared at me. "I am not stupid, you'll kill me when I tell you his place. I want a prove that you'll let me live" Louis said trying to look confident but failing miserably.

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