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Mark P.O.V

The trip to the police station was spent with Mark chewing his lip nervously while Jack murmured nonsense under his breath, looking out the window with eyes the size of dinner plates.

Mark had no idea what he was seeing that could possibly make him look so ecstatic but he was constantly rambling about how 'pretty' everything looked. Mark, out of curiosity, looked out the window himself but could only see the dark shadows of night occasionally broken by the orange street lamps that illuminated the buildings as they passed them.

The station wasn't far away, a large brick building surrounded by cars and windows that poured light onto the car park outside. When the police car finally stopped Mark carefully climbed out and, with the assistance of the policeman, pulled Jack out too. He supported Jack's weight as they walked the short distance to the entrance. Once inside a policewoman, who had a thick mop of dark hair and a pair of warm hazel eyes asked Mark their names and helped the two into a small white room filled with chairs that was probably used as a waiting room of some sort.

She set Jack down on one of the seats that lined the room and began cleaning him up as well as doing a series of tests on him, checking his pulse, temperature and asking him a few questions about how he felt before Mark was taken aside by the policeman from the car.

First the officer patted him down, probably to check if he had any drugs on him before he calmly lead the boy into a plain room that held only a table and two chairs either side.

It was like he had just dropped into one of those shitty crime movies but Mark knew that unlike all those mastermind criminals shown on the TV screen, he would spill everything, just like the little coward he was.

When they were both seated the cop went through the lawful procedure, explaining to Mark what was going to happen and how it was going to happen before falling silent, a notebook and pen in his hands and an expectant look on his face.

"Just start from the beginning." The man said calmly.

Mark's mouth went dry but whether it was due to fear or just thirst he had no idea. But then he began to talk and it was like once he started he couldn't stop. He told the officer everything, leaving out some details like Ashley's name but keeping mostly to the truth. When he reached the part about the tall man with a buzz cut the officer's eyes lit up with interest.

"Could you give me a description of that man, please?" He asked, jotting down everything Mark told him before asking another question. "Did you get a name?"

Mark shook his head.

"Alright, now here's a question. Why didn't you take the drugs or alcohol when they were offered?" The police officer asked, curiosity breaking his originally stoic expression.

Mark opened his mouth but then closed it again, furrowing his eyebrows in thought. He should really say something about how he didn't want to cross the law or something but instead he found himself speaking the truth. "I don't know. The idea just doesn't really appeal to me, I guess."

The policeman nodded. "Well, it certainly seems to appeal to your green haired friend in there, or at least it did."

Mark shrugged. "Yeah I guess." He wondered what the hell was up with Jack that made him do that. Drink was one thing, but drugs was a completely different ball game. Jack was probably going to get into serious trouble with the law and he'd barely been in the country for a month.

The police officer stood with a low sigh. "Alright, you're free to go. We're going to call your parents and tell them to come collect you."

Mark nodded and allowed himself to be taken from the interrogation room to a cell in which he would wait until his parents came for him.

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