Second meeting

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Chapter Four

Reid laughed at the sudden appearance of the very person he was thinking of, he threw his jumper onto the chair behind him and watched Raven. She shuffled up to the pool table swaying her hips dramatically. “mind if I join you” her voice seemed to purr along his skin raising hairs and making him shiver, he shrugged. “sure, you do know how to play pool then?” “yes” he smiled to himself thinking she was going to be easy to beat, so he took the first shot. Raven bent over the pool table giving him a lovely view and potted two balls at once, chalking her cue she purposely missed her next shot and the next until he was winning. Smirking Reid potted another ball and turning to her he frowned. “so where’s lover boy?” Raven pretended to be confused walking closer to Reid she shrugged. “I don’t know what you mean?” she leant over and potted her ball trying very hard to look innocent. Reid laughed and stood holding his cue “I saw you kissing aaron goodbye.” Raven silently cursed, damn it. “oh that I was giving him a kiss goodbye, just a friendly innocent kiss that’s all” that raised his eyebrows. “really it didn’t look innocent to me.” “well it was” she took her shot and potted but aimed and missed her next one. He smirked thinking he was going to win. He potted his last coloured ball and purposely missed the black. Smiling Raven potted her last two coloured balls and lined up her shot for the black. Laughing Reid didn’t think she could pot it. “if you beat me I will dance with you, but if you lose I want an innocent kiss goodbye” Raven giggled “sure.”

Taking her shot the black hovered on the edge of the pocket and fell in. she sighed deeply and contently, she watched Reid’s shocked face. Walking up to him she kissed his cheek, innocently like he’d requested. “I win” he laughed realising she had played him, he really hadn’t thought she could win. Gasping he looked at her “I have to dance now don’t I?” Raven smiled wickedly, “not yet some other time maybe, I thought we could just talk for a little while, get to know each other better” the wind howled outside and she giggled. “sure lets talk” settling into a chair next to him Raven played with a strand of her hair. “so Reid lets get the boring stuff outta the way, what’s your last name, your age, where do you live? Blah blah blah” “okay well my names Garwin, Reid Garwin. I am nineteen, I live at school in the dorms there, and before you tell me I know your name is Raven DeMorte and you will also be living in the dorms, but how old are you Raven?” Raven studied this man curiously, “my, my haven’t you been a busy little bee. I am in face eighteen almost nineteen im surprised you didn’t know that already, you seem to know quite abit about me. Why do you go to Spenser? Why not any other school?” Reid leaned back and sipped his beer “because I grew up in Ipswich, my family was one of the first to settle here, so you could say its like a tradition really.” “cool fair enough” “what about you Raven?” “my brother Asher and I decided to get a transfer here because we decided it was time for a change, time to go elsewhere. Plus we heard the school here was actually quite good. I guess I will find out tomorrow wont I, so erm why don’t you like Aaron?” he frowned at her.

“its not that I don’t like him…” Raven laughed at the obvious lie. “yeah right I could almost taste the hatred between you two earlier.” Reid sighed “we have never got on, we clash really bad, we both wind each other up until it turns nasty. Plus he loves himself too much” swigging down a mouthful of beer he watched her smiling, she shook off her coat and he stared, he couldn’t help it. She had the perfect figure. Slim and curvy at the same time, her hair was the colour of gold and her eyes were the clearest blue, eyes that were laughing at him right now. He realised she had been talking to him while he had been thinking. Coughing to cover his embarrassment he shrugged “sorry what did you say I was in a world of my own” rain was pelting at windows as the wind howled, Raven shuffled closer to Reid. “what’s that over there” Reid looked to where she was pointing and saw nothing. Confused he turned to her mouth opening to ask her what it was she saw when he laughed out loud, when he had turned his back she had pinched his beer and was drinking it. She giggled. “uh oh, busted” laughing she handed it back her eyes shining with glee. “cheers, I enjoyed that very much Raven, you’ve got some guts. Unlike most girls” her expression turned into a frown and her voice grew cold “im not like most girls.” Reid reached out and laid a hand on her arm and she flinched. She had goose bumps and felt extremely cold. He grabbed his jumper and gave it to her. “I don’t like normal girls, they’re just too boring. I like a girl with a mind of her own, who stands up for herself and isn’t afraid to share her opinion.” Raven smiled at him while she pulled on the warm jumper, it smelled faintly of a musky aftershave and it smelled of him. Running her hands down its warm softness she felt better. “thank you” he smiled “your welcome”

Just seeing her in his jumper, touching it, he felt good. It came well below her waist but she made it look sexy. Looking up at him she tried to read his face and saw only him smiling. He had a nice smile she thought. Shaking herself mentally she reminded herself of her mission. She touched his hand and looked into his eyes her face all serious now. “im sorry for the way I acted towards you earlier. It was mean of me after your friend was trying to help me. I apologise. Reid patted her hand. “that’s fine no need to apologise I found it quite amusing afterwards. Besides I like fiery women” he noticed she was still shivering her lips had gone all pale as well. “are you okay Raven?” he pushed the hair off from her face “you’re still cold aren’t you?” Raven tried to stop shivering and couldn’t. leather just wasn’t as warm as it used to be she guessed, she made a mental note to wear jeans next time. “abit, I will be fine though don’t worry I am a tough chick. I can handle anything.” Reid smiled yet still looked concerned he took her hand and pulled her closer. “what are you doing?” what was confused, it showed in her eyes and her voice. Reid hugged her tightly to him feeling her shaking muscles and her tension. “im sharing my warmth with you” she stayed tense. “if you relax you will warm up quicker.” he felt her slowly relax and lean into him. He smelt of that aftershave yet he also smelt like rain and warmth, it was a wild and deeply seductive scent. Raven melted into his body and laid her head on his chest. Gosh he was so warm. Raven ran a hand up his back and sighed. He wasn’t that much taller than herself so he was the perfect height to hit at and she curved against his body like they were made to embrace like this.

Reid smiled and rested his head on top of hers. He breathed in the smell of her baby soft hair, she had relaxed now and was holding him in such a way that made them very, very close. Stroking her hair he felt the shivering slow and then finally stop. Holding her like this just felt so right which was weird considering he had known her less than a day. Heck she was already wearing his clothes and hugging him in a very intimate way. What a unique creature she was to effect him so very deeply so quickly. Reid couldn’t decide yet if it was good or bad. He smiled.

“ well isn’t this sweet, cosy are we?” reid and Raven stepped back from each other to see Caleb, Sarah, Kate, Pogue and Tyler all staring at them. Some with amused looks while others looked annoyed. Reid coughed and Raven shook herself as though waking from a dream,. Reid watched all the light seep from her eyes as thought they had not shared a tender moment at all. It was as if she was shutting herself down, becoming a different person. He could almost see the mask dropping over her lovely features until her original “don’t mess with me!!” mask was back. Sarah laughed and walked closer pulling her hair into a tight ponytail as she did so. “so your Raven huh?” Sarah looked Raven up and down in a not so polite way making Raven want to fold her arms protectively, she had almost made the gesture before she realised. Throwing her hands into her pockets she scowled at the bright yet mocking smile in front of her. “yeah and you are??”

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