Chapter 1: Moving On

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Olivia's POV...
Why aye !! I sat upright in bed what is wrong with me I can't stop thinking about Geordie shore every night I have a dream about what used to be my family but not anymore I left them 2 years ago that day was the worst day of my life but I had to do it I was only 16 when I started in Geordie shore and I left after I turned 22 I did it for 6 years I am now 24 I had my ups and downs in there I had two boyfriends James and Scott and I had great times with both of them me and James had something special I'm sure but then he left the show and we couldn't do a long relationship whereas with Scott it was different he just played me all the time he will never change I'm sure, I left and James came back and Scott missed me so much the only person I kept in touch with was Holly but we lost contact because I moved away from Newcastle and moved to London I am now a full time model I have a little sister called Alicia and a little brother called Alex they mean the world to me my mum is my hero she is called annabelle she is a model too and my step dad is amazing they are getting married soon which is exciting my mum wasn't happy with me when I went into Geordie shore but when I left she was more upset then I was people still catch me in the street sometimes which is amazing I still have many fans on Twitter Instagram and Facebook my snapchat is private I have people asking me when I'm I coming back to Geordie shore I probably won't as my time was over I had done it for 6 years which I have mentioned already I love my new life I have the honour of helping make my mums wedding dress it's amazing..

Annabelles POV...
My daughter Olivia is amazing she is beautiful and intelligent she is amazing with her brother and sister Alicia and Alex she has made the right choice being a model she is right for the job I was downstairs feeding Alicia and Alex Alicia is 3 and Alex is 4 they are amazing kids my fiancé Edward is amazing he is the father of Alicia and Alex Olivia's dad moved away to Jamaica and Olivia doesn't see him anymore she isn't bothered I heard someone running down the stairs it was Liv I said hello babs she said hey I said where you going today she said well it's Sunday I'm going to the gym then I'm going for a meal with Katie I said alright chick see you later and she blew me a kiss..

Olivia's POV...
I got in my Range Rover and drove to the gym I'm trying to keep my body in shape I will need the gym today as I'm going for a meal with my best mate Katie she was in the Geordie house for about 1 year and she got kicked out she doesn't like me taking about the house and that's a good thing as it makes me stop thinking about it I parked up at the gym and swiped my card and I walked to the tread mill and did my work out I have about 6 workouts
The treadmill
The mat
The push up chair
The treadmill
The weights
The sailing machine
Then I go in the sauna and have a relax I love the gym it's my second home I put in my earphones and my phone in my bra and I ran on the treadmill for 2 hours then I went to the mat and did 20 push-ups then I ran to the pull up bar and did 16 pull ups and then the treadmill again and the weights then I did 17 miles on the sailing machine I've never been so out of breathe in my whole entire life I got changed into my swimsuit and Peter said hello to me I said hey he said how are you doing I said good thanks he hugged me and I walked to the jacuzzi and sauna and spent my time in their I looked at my phone the time was 16;45 wow I've got to get home..

I parked up at home I locked my car and ran in the house my mum said hello I said hi she said you in a rush I said yeah Katie is getting dropped off at mine at half 5 my mum said its 5 I ran upstairs I curled my hair and did my makeup and I changed into a long t shirt dress with knee high brown boots I got my bag and phone and walked downstairs I've got 15 minutes until Katie comes I sat on the sofa and went through my phone and Alicia came running into the living she had her dummy in and she screamed Olivia I said what's up she said up I picked her up and Edward laughed I said what was that about she started laughing I tickled her and she squealed I said ooh Alicia and she laughed Alex came walking in the living room I said where are all you lot going Edward said we are going out with your auntie Elsa I said oh right I heard someone knock at the door I said tell her I say hello and I put Alicia down I kissed Alex and Alicia and I ran to the door I opened it and Katie said ahh I hugged her and we linked arms and walked to my car it was raining what a surprise in London..

Katie's POV...
Me and Olivia have been friends for nearly 3 and half years now we met in the Geordie house but I got kicked out and Olivia stayed but we kept in touch and now we are still friends and not in the house I got kicked out for not working because when your in the Geordie house you have to work to stay in and I didn't work so the manage kicked me out Anna kicked me out me and Olivia drove to Nandos people stopped Olivia to take pictures with me and her mainly her we walked inside nandos it was empty it's not normally like this we sat at a table for two and we were talking about random things like we normally do..

Olivia's POV...
Me and Katie were talking about work Katie works as a nurse and I work as a model we hardly talk in the week which means we have more fun at the weekend we finished our meal and we are on our way to nonnas to have a drink we both had a cocktail it's amazing..

Annabelles POV....
Olivia came in its half 7 I said your back early Olivia said I'm tired and I've got to be in central London at MAC for half 6 in the morning I said oh right she said I'm just going to get changed I said alright babs..

Olivia's POV...
I walked upstairs I opened my bedroom door and I chucked my bag and coat on my bed I had a shower and changed into my Victoria secret pjs I put my hair in plaits and wiped of all my makeup and I walked back downstairs I got a smoothie and walked into the living room it was 8 o clock I sat on the sofa my mum said how's the dress coming on I said it's looking great that reminds me we need you to try it on one day my mum said is Thursday ok I said fine and I emailed my manager to tell her Alicia came over to me and rubbed her eyes I said come on then and Alex joined he sat on my other side and they both laid across me Edward laughed and mum took a picture Edward took them up to bed and me my mum and Edward watched Mrs browns boys I said night mum night Edward and I walked upstairs I watched a few episodes from Geordie shore the end of season 10 which I wasn't in..

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