Fragments of Time

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Prestige To A World of Uplifting Misery

I should bring prestige back to disease

A foundation for the transfer of energy

Perhaps that is what prevails, life pouring into the world

A scorned soul diseased could not be more free

Fighting with blood to spill and fill a thousand seas

Striving and with pains to sing, a soul given to the world

Last Words

what refuge do we truly have

to dream where our treasures lie just out of reach,

to alter our minds and be haunted by the ghost.

to deny and bleed from the inside

to perceive and understand and see the hopelessness come to form

and what choice do we have but to die inside

bury the stench under the soil and say those words



Burden burning inside

Faith has a way

To hold you

To hang you inside out

but there is nothing inside

for faith to find

and all the light comes from the sky

and still, I never see you there

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