Yeah, this is my second completed book on Wattpad! Alright but let's get down to business. Lol. Okay so people have requested that I make a sequel to this story. At first I wasn't going to, but now I changed my mind and decided that I'm going to make a sequel to 'My Lover is my Brother.' I'm already working on it, so it will probably be posted around the end of October.(Yeah, I know) I like to get ahead and write my chapters early that way all I have to do is go and post the next chapter when it's time. But I thought I would just let you guys know what's up. But in the mean time, I am posting my next book that I have been working on since early May of this year. It's called 'For Better or Worse' and it's a Diggy Simmons love/drama story. I already posted a 'teaser' to it so go check it out and let me know what you think about it. Also I want to say thank you to everyone who has read, commented, and voted for this story. I appreciate all the support that I have received from this book. But that's all I have to say for right now. I will post on this story to let you know when the sequel is posted, but go and check out my other stories! I would really love it if you did, and if you don't already, then follow my page:)

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