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Johnny I want my liver back

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One day a young man named Johnny is asked by his mom to get some liver from the butchers. Johnny accepts and heads off down the road to the butchers. On his way to the butchers he has to go past his favourite shop the candy store. The store has a special "all the suckers you want for $5.00 ". Johnny has only $5.00. He wonders if he should get the suckers or the liver. Of course he decides to get the suckers without a second thought about his mom. 

After he spent his moms money he remembers the liver. Johnny wonders how he is going to tell his mom. Across the street a funeral service is finishing at the cemetery across the road, Johnny walks over to the fresh grave and finds a stick "c'mon Johnny you can do this" he tells himself. He opens the casket and shoves the stick in the dead body and rips open it's stomach and takes out the liver and runs away as quickly as possible. When he gets home he gives his mom the liver and tells her he is sick and that he would go to bed now. He drifts off and is later awoken by his mom saying that dinner was ready and to come in the living room, he said that he was to sick to eat but thanks anyway. He went back to sleep.

Later that night Johnny hears a noise from outside and hears someone talking from far away "Johnny I want my liver back". Johnny thinks he's imagining things so he just ignores it and goes back to bed. Later he hears a noise and then "Johnny I want my liver back, I'm outside your door". This time Johnny freaks, as you can imagine, and he yells to his mom to help me but no one comes. He runs out into the kitchen and hides in the cupboard. "Johnny I want my liver back, I'm INSIDE!!!". Johnny is freaking out he is really scared he hears someone walking towards the kitchen. He holds his breathe and dares not make a sound.The noise comes closer, he hears heavy footsteps walking slowly towards him thump...thump.....thump....thump.....thump...thump, and then silence, not a sound, the whole world is quiet for this moment.

He hears a kitchen drawer open, "oh god, oh god please help me I will never be selfish again I swear if you get me out of this I don't wannna die I don't wanna die!!!" he pleads to no one. The footsteps start again thump...thump...thump...closer....closer he hears them stop in front of the cupboard he is hiding in. He hears the thing that has been hunting him lean down and BANG! The door flies open and Johnny is flung out of the cupboard.

Neighbours hear his screams, when they come running they find his body dead on the floor and his moms body dead in her room. An autopsy revealed his liver had been removed.

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